Married at First Sight featured Chris Williams telling Paige Banks he wanted to divorce her and reconcile with his pregnant ex-fiancee, Haley Harris admitting she didn't feel any connection with Jacob Harder, and Vincent Morales leaving Briana Myles alone in their apartment after a fight during the Season 12 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

At this point in Season 12, all five Married at First Sight couples wrapped their honeymoons in Las Vegas and were prepared to move in together in the United States: Chris and Paige, Haley and Jacob, Vincent and Briana, Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs, and Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by the show's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight  Season 12 Episode 7

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 7 of marriage, with the five couples packing up their bags to leave Las Vegas and head back to Atlanta, GA.

Haley told the cameras she had texted Jacob that she'd be meeting the girls for a drink and then he allegedly blew up at her and accused her of having a boyfriend back home, which Haley noted was "ridiculous" since she had been single for seven years.

Haley was frustrated and said she needed space from Jacob, so she switched her seat on the plane in order to avoid him. Haley was clearly not looking forward to moving in with Jacob, and Jacob believed Haley had lied to him about the girls' outing to begin with.

Jason's point of view was that multiple couples had gathered together for their last night in Vegas and Haley had informed it would be girls only so that he wouldn't join her.

The honeymoon phase of marriage was over, and all five couples moved into separate apartments in the same complex provided for them by Married at First Sight. The experts wanted all five couples to continue the experiment on equal footing.

Vincent admitted he can be a bit messy, and Briana said she liked things clean and had made a habit of picking up after people so things would be to her liking.

It quickly became apparent Vincent and Briana would have to meet each other halfway and respect one another's needs.

Erik told Virginia that he had lived with a past girlfriend, but this marked Virginia's first time living with a significant other. Erik told his wife that they'd need to compromise and were in "real life."

Erik explained to the cameras Virginia would have plenty of alone time because his job ultimately resulted in him leaving for days at a time. Virginia almost seemed more excited to be away from Erik than with him, but Erik remained in good spirits.
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Paige moved into her apartment alone because Chris apparently booked a flight to Chicago in order to have a couple of days alone.

Paige said she had joined the experiment because she wanted to find love and build and grow with someone, and she wished Chris wanted to be with her and experience this process with her.

"But I'm going to give him the space he asked for and give him time to think and process things," Paige noted.

Meanwhile, Clara was shocked to learn Ryan went to bed very early, at like 10PM or 10:30PM, but she was open to the idea of Ryan helping her to fall into a bit of a routine. Ryan also liked to sleep in the dark while Clara fell asleep watching TV.

As for Haley and Jacob, they didn't talk all day, and Jacob said Haley was acting like she was seeing or dating someone else -- which Haley called "so insulting."

"I've never felt energy just completely cut off. Just tell me you need a break. You didn't say that. You said, 'It's a girls night,' and then it wasn't a girls night," Jacob told Haley.

"The cordial thing to do would be to say, 'Hey we're hanging out; you want to come down?' And then you didn't. Those little white lies add up and I had that situation in my past, so when you did that, it messed with me pretty good and I lost trust."


Haley said she didn't mean to hurt Jacob's feelings. She explained that while she had initially leaned into the process, she discovered things about Jacob that she didn't like as she got to know him better.

"That's when I started pulling away... I really was insulted by you assuming that I'm a liar," Haley said.

"I didn't assume; you lied... and you don't have accountability," Jacob argued.

Haley told Jacob that he was making her really upset, and so he apologized. However, Jacob noted he was frustrated and didn't know how they were going to make their relationship work since he didn't seem to know the real Haley.

"We have completely different styles and I told [the experts] I don't do well with people who are high strung," Jacob said. "You have high anxiety."

"I love how you've diagnosed my anxiety," Haley griped.

Haley said she and Jacob were living in different realities, and Jacob agreed, saying it was his reality vs. the "bullsh-t" Haley was bringing to the table. Jacob suggested he and Haley probably wouldn't be living in the apartment together for very long.

Haley and Jacob slept in different beds the first night in their new apartment.

Haley admitted she felt "drained" but Jacob apologized for what he had said and so there was a chance of them getting back on better terms and "for something positive to come out of this."

Erik was then shown checking out Virginia's old apartment, and he met her two dogs. Erik claimed he's allergic to cats but Virginia playfully didn't believe him.

Haley also welcomed Jacob into her former place, where she had lived for a year with her dog Sophie. Haley said she was trying to be open-minded but did have reservations moving forward.

Jacob revealed he loves neon colors and his house has an 80s vibe, so Haley predicted their decorating styles were going to be pretty different.

On Day 8 of marriage, Virginia got to see Erik's condo, which boasted a lot of modern red, black and white colors as well as little airplane figurines.


Virginia thought her home was more cozy and Erik's place was a bachelor pad she probably wouldn't want to live in long-term. Virginia said she liked having pictures of friends and family around and Erik didn't have anything like that in his condo.

Virginia told Erik they should sell their condo and start over, and Erik was surprised although he mentioned how he'd like to be a homeowner soon.

Haley then met Jacob's three dogs and was given a tour of his home. Jacob showed off his white ostrich cowboy boots, neon wall panels, his 80s movie room, and his "members-only jacket."

"I think that, you know, all good things have to come to an end... I think we have some shopping to do," Haley joked.

Jacob was glad there was no longer any tension with his wife, but he hoped their four dogs would get along. Once the dogs were all in the same apartment, there was chaos and one of Jacob's dogs barked and freaked out a little bit.

Haley acknowledged her dog Sophie would come first no matter what.

Clara then checked out Ryan's house and she immediately noticed it was very clean; however, Ryan wasn't very organized. His cabinets, for example, were messy, and Ryan didn't fold his clothes in his dresser drawers.

Clara hoped her place would show her energy and spirit, and Ryan got to meet her beloved dog Miska. Clara even had a shrine of photos and paintings dedicated to her furbaby.

The pair agreed Ryan would wash and dry their clothes and then Clara would fold and put them away.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Briana uncorked a bottle of wine for their first joint meeting with Pastor Calvin Roberson in their new apartment.

Pastor Cal was prepared to dive into deep issues with the couple such as children, finances and life goals.

Briana said she found Vincent to be very kind, considerate and ambitious, and Vincent said, "I feel like she really completes me. We are both motivated people and she complements the everything I have going for myself."


Vincent said Briana had his back in starting a new business, and Vincent promised Briana they would be well-off and she'd have everything she wants.

Briana and Vincent agreed they'd like to travel and then start a family in a few years. Vincent recalled having an initial attraction to his wife on his wedding day, when he realized he had found the person with whom he'd like to spend the rest of his life.

In terms of issues that might arise in their relationship, Vincent told Briana that he was all about respect and sometimes her direct way of communicating could come off a little harsh.

"It's not what you say but how you say it," Vincent told his wife. "That's key for me... Sometimes it may be the tone. That's just your personality and it doesn't mean you're a good or a bad person, it's how you communicate."

Briana said she didn't want to come across as rude because she really cared about Vincent's feelings. Vincent didn't want to end up in a position where he'd get angry and "fire back" at his wife, but Pastor Cal said Vincent was bound to mess up eventually.

"That's the only [problem], is we communicate differently," Vincent told Pastor Cal.

Over at Virginia and Erik's place, Virginia told the cameras she has a very extroverted personality and loves to party with her friends and that's just who she is and it's not a phase due to her age. Virginia hoped her husband would see and understand that.

Erik told Pastor Cal in a sitdown chat this his marriage was going really well and they didn't have a problem with the physical. Virginia revealed they had consummated their marriage and everything was great between them so far.

On the age difference, Erik said the numbers didn't bother him but he worried a little bit about the different places they were at in their lives.

Erik said he had more experience with relationships and he was concerned Virginia viewed him as a boyfriend rather than a husband. Virginia laughed but agreed that Erik wanted to know her whereabouts when she went out with friends and that was a little odd for her.

Erik said he asked Virginia to "be careful" before she went out only because he cared about her, but Virginia said, "I think it's a little weird when someone expects you to text every time you get somewhere."


Virginia also accused Erik of being overprotective and requiring that she ask his permission before going out to party.

Erik told Virginia that she wasn't single anymore and couldn't do whatever she wanted at any time. While Erik said Virginia had total freedom and he wasn't trying to control her, he just wanted to touch base about their plans.

Virginia also pointed out that Erik had a problem with her best guy friends, whom Virginia said might as well be gay because they'd never hook up or date.

Virginia said she was used to going out and partying and then crashing on a guy friend's couch at the end of the night.

"I'm a married man and that's not okay with me. It has nothing to do with controlling my wife," Pastor Cal said.

"From my perspective, if my wife falls asleep on a guy's couch, I'm going to worry like crazy because it's my job, as the husband... [to] make sure my wife is okay... and not putting herself in a situation where some idiot is going to take advantage of her."

Virginia insisted that she had two best guy friends and she'd stay over their places all the time, but Pastor Cal reminded her that kind of behavior is for a single woman.

Paige then met up with Chris to talk at their new shared apartment, and Paige said she didn't know what to expect.

According to an onscreen graphic, Chris would not allow production to film the conversation with Paige.

"I'm just not the type that, like, fakes sh-t," Chris could be heard telling Paige. "Whether the cameras are on or the cameras are off, like, I just gotta be 100, you know what I'm saying? I'm not here to waste my time or your time."

Chris and Paige then apparently cut their microphones. After their meeting, Paige called a producer to share the details of their conversation.

"He's trying to get back with his ex," Paige revealed to the producer over the phone. "He said, 'I'm still in love with my ex,' like all this sh-t. I was like, 'You didn't even give this a chance.'"


Paige then dropped a bombshell on the producer.

"[Chris] wants to move forward and get a divorce! He already spoke to, like, a divorce attorney and everything. Like, I cannot believe this sh-t at all... I jut feel f-cking disgusted right now," Paige lamented.

Based on the sound of Paige's voice, she was definitely crying during this conversation.

"I feel disgusted for having any type of intimacy with this man. F-ck that! No! I am done, period! I'm done. This is bullsh-t!" Paige shouted.

"All that m-therf-cker dramatic-ass sh-t he done dragged me through? F-ck you! F-ck that b-tch! We'll have this conversation with Pastor Cal and I'll air all this m-therf-cking sh-t! I'm f-cking done with this sh-t!"

Vincent then received a tour of Briana's apartment, and he joked about them needing a lot of closet space for all of her clothes and shoes, before Briana got to see how her husband had been living prior to the show.

Briana was surprised to see how tidy Vincent kept his place, and she said she could see him becoming her "forever person."

Meanwhile, at Chris and Paige's apartment, Paige complained, "Last night, Chris essentially threw a bomb in my face saying he wants to get a divorce."

"It really took me off-guard," she said. "I was not expecting that. I thought being in Chicago, he would've had a moment to reflect on the commitment we both made to one another, and I feel like he just threw all of that away."

Paige wanted someone's opinion on where to go from there since her experience had been "rocky."

Chris did not join Paige for the meeting with Pastor Cal, who wanted Paige to feel as though she was being heard.

Paige admitted she felt a disconnect from Chris on their wedding day and it didn't feel like he desired her, although he wanted to be intimate that evening.

"We ended up doing it. [I consented] because he was just like, 'You're my wife,' and it was more like feeling it's a duty than actually connecting with my partner," Paige explained.

"Even though it was an internal battle, I didn't want to upset my husband on the first day of us getting to know each other. And then the next morning, he wanted the same thing. We had sex again. And then he said, 'You're just not the type of woman I'm typically attracted to or is my type."


Paige said Chris argued that he wanted to have sex to "feel a closeness" to his partner, and Pastor Cal called that "B-S."

Paige acknowledged she should have recognized some of the red flags early on but she was totally committed to the process from the very beginning when she had signed up.

Paige then revealed Chris had supposedly discovered at the beginning of their honeymoon his ex-fiancee was six weeks pregnant, and Pastor Cal's jaw dropped open.

Pastor Cal noted Chris must have had sex with his ex during this process for the timeline to add up, and Paige replied, "Exactly! When we were knee-deep in this process. So I am thoroughly confused."

Paige recalled Chris's story that he and his ex had been intimate when he attempted to console her after her father's passing. Even after that, Paige chose to ride the wave with Chris because she's dated men with children before.

"Did you continue to have sex during this period?" Pastor Cal asked.

"Yeah," Paige responded.

In terms of what was going through her mind, Paige revealed she and Chris had sex pretty much every day except for two or three.

"Were you protected?" Pastor Cal asked.

"No," Paige confessed. "Never... He talked about his honeymoon baby!"

Paige expressed regret but said her period had just arrived, which relieved a lot of stress for her. Paige insisted she wouldn't sleep with Chris again and that was over with.

Paige then told Pastor Cal that Chris went on to break the news that he and his ex were still in love with each other and so they decided to get back together and resume dating.

"[He said], 'We're going to try to make it work,' and that's it," Paige noted.

Pastor Cal said he was taking these marriages very seriously and counsels couples, not just for television. The expert was therefore upset -- and then Chris suddenly arrived late to the meeting.

Chris admitted he had been on a rough, emotional rollercoaster for seven days and his ex had shown him the positive pregnancy test, which she followed up with a doctor's visit.

Chris explained the idea of another man raising his child was "tough" and this experiment made him realize that he was still in love with his ex.

"So I think it's best to separate and to divorce," Chris shared.


Pastor Cal reminded Chris that he had broken up with his ex "for a reason." Chris wasn't sure his reasoning was now invalid, and Pastor Cal could only remove his glasses and wipe his forehead in shock and disbelief.

Paige said she felt like she had gotten the short end of the stick in this whole situation because her intentions were very pure.

"You dragged me emotionally this week basically on a rollercoaster of being hot and cold with me. I don't know where you are," Paige complained.

"I was very direct with you," Chris argued.

Pastor Cal said Chris had told Paige different things, but Chris insisted, "I didn't drag her."

"This woman hasn't felt admired or desired -- except for sex," Pastor Cal told Chris, "which I don't understand. Why is there sex if you don't have an attraction?"

Chris refused to answer and talk about that, which angered Pastor Cal even more. Pastor Cal said, "I thought you wanted this... [with] a ride-or-die woman!"

Chris said he did want that but to his ex-fiancee's credit, she's "an amazing woman as well."

Paige noted that she clearly didn't fit into Chris's equation, and Chris added that divorce seemed to be the best option for them both.

Pastor Cal admitted he was not a fan of this marriage staying together although he'd typically fight tooth and nail for a marriage.

Chris asked Paige not to hate him, and she just replied, "Okay."

Chris then whispered in Paige's ear and she smiled.

"Chris is whispering in my ear that his fear is falling in love with me," Paige told the cameras.

Paige asked Chris not to say things like that to her because she had thought they were having a clear and cut goodbye. Paige was left feeling confused, emotional and asking herself, "Are we really, really done?"

Paige wished she and Chris could just be a normal and boring couple.

Pastor Cal then visited with Jacob and Haley, who told the cameras that she was giving the relationship her best effort although the couple wasn't in the best place.


Haley acknowledged she's "not a physical touch person," which Jacob said had been "difficult" for him because he desired a little hug or kiss here or there.

Jacob said he wasn't sure whether Haley really liked him, and Haley admitted she had gotten caught up in the process for the first few days and then she began freaking out and pulling back because marriage had become "too much" for her and it resulted in a blow-up.

"I've never had anybody assume things about me. I've never been in a situation where I couldn't really get out words and it's one accusation after the next, like, I'm high strung and I have a boyfriend back home," Haley shared.

Jacob said he had been in several situations where women were using him as the person to cheat on their boyfriends with.

Haley said she shut down as a result, but Pastor Cal explained arguing is not necessarily a sign that things aren't working. Haley admitted she didn't love confrontation because she didn't want to hurt Jacob's feelings, but Pastor Cal gave Haley permission to speak her voice.

Haley confessed to Jacob that she wasn't feeling a connection with him and if there was even a glimmer of hope for them, his behavior pushed her far from that.

"That's been really hard for me to deal with," Haley told her new husband.

Jacob said things started off great, in his mind, between them and so he felt a bit betrayed by her subsequent actions.

Haley told Jacob that living in the 80s was a pretty big red flag for her and all the neon was too much for her. Jacob explained that he loved the vibe of that decade, but Pastor Cal reminded him things change and his habits can be altered so "happy mediums" are found.

Pastor Cal noted it's okay for his wife to change his life and design new things in his life every now and then, and Jacob replied, "I'm good with that."

Pastor Cal asked the couple to drop their walls and attempt to get to know each other better. Jacob looked forward to more communication and requested that Haley talk more and be open and honest with him.

Jacob insisted he really wanted the relationship to work, and Haley agreed, saying she had signed up for Married at First Sight for a reason.


On Day 11 of marriage, Ryan and Clara welcomed Pastor Cal into their apartment.

Clara said her marriage was amazing, as best as it possibly could, and Ryan agreed he was happy. The pair said they were physically attracted to each other but had yet to consummate their marriage.

"What we're doing, we're doing it well. How about that?" Clara said with a laugh.

Ryan said he wanted to grow as a couple and then be intimate, and Clara confessed she was taking things slower than she was used to because of Ryan's approach to marriage.

Pastor Cal just asked Ryan to not let Clara feel neglected.

In terms of Ryan not having been in or expressing love to a woman before, Pastor Cal explained it's a principle and intellectual decision to fulfill another person's needs -- and not a feeling.

Ryan said he had committed himself to Clara "without a doubt" and he'd be there for her.

"She's all I'm thinking about," Ryan shared.

"I don't care what you call it, but that is the beginning of something. I want you to consider that because I don't want you to be so afraid of the word," Pastor Cal explained.

"That's fair," Ryan said.

Clara laughed that she easily falls in love and wasn't far from that with Ryan, and Pastor Cal said he admired Clara's willingness and openness and didn't want to see her heart get broken.

At the end of the episode, Briana and Vincent popped a bottle of champagne, and Briana said, "Leave it to you," adding that the spill on his shirt was "real Vincent of [him]."


Briana then picked up on a shift in Vincent's energy as she was unpacking and putting away her clothing. Vincent suggested they have separate closets, and so Briana took Vincent behind closed doors and asked him what was wrong.

"I'm just tired of your smart comments," Vincent said.

"Are you serious?" Briana asked.

Briana told the cameras she felt "very confused" because she didn't even know what she had said wrong. Vincent thought Briana was smart with him and he didn't appreciate her "smart comments."

Vincent said he didn't feel like Briana had been joking with him and he wanted her to show him some respect.

"I just genuinely did not understand and did not know why he was upset with me. I am just lost," Briana said, adding, "I feel I do respect you."

Vincent, however, accused Briana of belittling him and said he didn't like that. Briana insisted that belittling him was not his intent and she would never suggest that he's an idiot.

Briana realized Vincent was pretty sensitive, and then she expressed how she didn't like how Vincent copped an attitude and snapped at her whenever something was bothering him.

"I don't think I'm going to tolerate when somebody is putting me down," Vincent said. "I don't like it."

Briana said she didn't want to talk about the situation anymore, and then Vincent suggested, "I could always just go back home," which made Briana want to cry.

Vincent was then shown leaving the apartment with a bag in his hands.


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