Married at First Sight featured Alyssa Ellman crying about her "hate" and "disgust" for Chris Collette and not wanting to move in with him, Chris feeling totally rejected, Katina Goode "checking" Olajuwon Dickerson and demanding he be more patient, and the other couples growing closer towards love during Wednesday night's Season 14 episode on Lifetime.

The five brides who were selected to wed on Season 14 of Married at First Sight are Alyssa, 30,  Katina, 29, Jasmina Outar, 29, Lindsey Georgoulis, 34, and Noi Phommasak, 33.

The five grooms who are starring on the new edition are Chris, 35, Olajuwon, 29, Michael Morency, 28, Mark Maher, 37, and Steve Moy, 38.


The couples matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Viviana Coles and Pastor Calvin Roberson are Lindsey and Mark, Alyssa and Chris, Jasmina and Michael, Katina and Olajuwon, and Noi and Steve.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 5 of marriage with Olajuwon waking up next to Katina in bed instead of going to the gym early. Olajuwon thought it was "important" for them to be together this morning, suggesting they may have consummated their marriage.

Meanwhile, Chris said Alyssa had been distant and never tried to talk to him or even approach him off-camera.

"She wants me to act husbandly and is doing everything she can to get out of being a wife," Chris said.

Alyssa told the cameras her marriage wasn't easy but she was still sticking around and intended to remain positive and optimistic.

Lindsey also woke up on the right side of the bed that morning after resolving her fight with Mark the previous night. Mark assured Lindsey that he liked her and they had a great core to their marriage and so he wanted to start on a fresh slate, and the pair quickly bounced back and began laughing again.

Lindsey noted her communication with Mark was "great" and they could talk through any situation together.

While enjoying breakfast, Lindsey told Mark that she'd like to bring her children up in a church or at least give them the fundamentals, and Mark seemed to agree since he had even asked to pray over their meal. Lindsey said she'd like at least two children, maybe four, but definitely not three.

Mark said he'd like to have however many children he can afford and whatever God gives him, and the couple agreed if they were able to welcome twins, they'd stop there.
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Olajuwon and Katina, who are both from the city, went horseback riding to try something new and make more memories, but Katina was very nervous and scared. As Olajuwon's horse led Katina in front, Katina kept asking her husband to slow down, and he wouldn't.

"The way that his personality is, he just jumps in and does things. But me, I'm more cautious," Katina shared. "I feel like since I met him, I keep jumping out of my comfort zone, but I just need him to take down his energy for me and just go slower."

Olajuwon tried to comfort Katina during the ride and asked her to have more confidence in herself, but he said he wasn't about to stop the ride because he still wanted this new experience for himself.

"I won't stop living my life because my wife isn't comfortable," Olajuwon admitted.

But Katina told her husband that he needed to be more patient with her at times, especially when she's genuinely scared. She didn't think the situation was funny, but Olajuwon called her "dramatic."

"Sometimes you have to come down to my level!" Katina snapped at Olajwuon, before venting to the cameras, "Stop pushing me and just listen to me in this moment!"


After the experience ended, Katina said she was glad she tried it but the ride was uncomfortable for her. Olajuwon explained how he'd always push his wife to be her best self and try new things, but Katina said sometimes he could push her too far.

Katina shared how her nerves can get really bad, but Olajuwon assured his wife that he wouldn't put her in a situation he didn't think she could get through.

Katina said she understood Olajuwon's intentions but she also wanted to punch him in the face, and the couple laughed off the tension.

Meanwhile, Noi and the adventurous Steve visited a waterfall. Noi seemed anxious about walking into the rushing rapids and rocky waters, and Steve admitted it was "a little disappointing" Noi was so nervous about the situation.

However, Steve held his hand and helped his wife into the water, and he even taught her how to float. Noi said Steve made her feel safe, secure and loved, and the pair ended up having a great time with a lot of flirting and hugging under the waterfall.

"It really makes me feel like I have a special wife and I really feel connected to her," Steve noted.

Chris and Alyssa were then shown playing tennis, and Pastor Cal said the experts had been monitoring their relationship closely and they thought an activity could bring the couple together.

Chris said he was trying and very driven to make his marriage work, and he hoped Alyssa showing up was a sign that she was still willing to put some effort into their relationship.

Chris then asked Alyssa to sit down and talk to him, and he asked for her thoughts on moving into an apartment together once they returned to America. Alyssa said she didn't feel comfortable about the idea of living with Chris.

"When I think about sort of what I had committed to early in the process it included moving in," Chris began.

"I want to stop you there for one second. I already don't like where this conversation is going, like, 'I was committed,' insinuating that I'm not. So, no," Alyssa snapped.

"I know that with everyone else living in the apartment together and stuff, they're going to be doing things together and filming together... and I feel robbed of the whole experience we were supposed to have. And I don't feel like it's fair to not be able to live there."

Chris, however, wanted to move in with his wife even if they were just barely friends trying to make a relationship work.

"We both want to live in this apartment, and just because we don't want to live there together, it seems like you've made a decision without me that you are moving in and I'm not," Alyssa said.

"No, you can move in if you want," Chris noted. "That's on table... I'm fine with that!"


Chris said it sounded like Alyssa was in a tough spot and had a decision to make, and then she walked away from the conversation, saying she didn't like where the conversation was going and she needed a minute to herself.

Alyssa then complained to a producer how Chris wouldn't stop and was pushing her to make a decision. Alyssa told the producer that she loved the other girls and wanted to be a part of the show with them.

"If they are, like, last minute, 'Oh, come over,' I can't just come over," Alyssa cried about her friends.

The producer told Alyssa how the whole point of the show is to move in with one's spouse and go through the process, but Alyssa said that wasn't fair because she and her husband were not compatible.

Chris said doing what he thought was reasonable for the both of them didn't align with what Alyssa was expecting of him, and so he accused her in a confessional of being "a little selfish" while he was trying to be very patient.

"If you can't be kind, then don't talk to me," Alyssa lamented to a producer, before expressing pure disgust over Chris' "aggressive" hand gestures. "He's, like, pointing! It's just ugh! When is enough, enough?"

Chris admitted he was frustrated over the way things were developing in his marriage, and the tennis activity came to an abrupt end.

That night, Lindsey said Mark was having a tough time because his landlord -- a good friend who is also like a mother figure in his life -- had been "relentlessly" calling and messaging him, like four or five times a day, for several days over a bedbug issue.

Lindsey appeared fed up and called the calls "distracting," but the couple eventually received massages that alleviated some of their stress.

On Day 5 of marriage, Jasmina and Michael got together with Katina and Olajuwon for a nice chat on the beach since these two couples felt closest to one another.

Jasmina shared how she and Michael had a lot in common, and she said she could definitely see why the experts had paired them together, such as their similarities and what they want in a marriage and out of a partner.

Michael also said the two of them are both very opinionated and speak with conviction, which sometimes presented a problem for Jasmina.

Jasmina warned Olajuwon how he could push Katina out of her comfort zone but not too much.

Michael offered some insight into Olajuwon, sharing, "O is high energy, O is aggressive, O is an alpha male. That intensity, he's going to put into his marriage to push his wife. So of course it could be a pro, because you're pushing your wife, but also, if he doesn't reel it in, it can also be a con."

"So I can understand the friction they're having," he added, "but O, I know, is someone who knows how to self correct. So hopefully, before it gets to be too much, he's going to fix it."

Meanwhile, Mark's landlord apparently threatened to evict Mark because she wasn't going to allow any cats in the place, knowing Mark has three cats. Lindsey thought the landlord was being "classless," and she promised to have her husband's back no matter what.


Lindsey told Mark that they'd get him out of his apartment, hire someone to kill the bedbugs, bring his belongings over to her place, and then try to live with all five cats in the new apartment provided by the show on "a trial run."

Mark acknowledged it was refreshing that his wife was being so supportive, but he wasn't used to someone wanting to do things for him, and so he said it would take some getting used to.

Alyssa then vented to a producer how she was stuck in a "very tough situation" that was "absolutely miserable" and she feared "being portrayed in a very poor light."

Alyssa complained about how she was sick of "being the good person and taking the high road" when everyone was "sh-tting on her," and she also said she was sick of crying but also trying to be positive at the same time.

Alyssa then really lost her cool and announced, "I do not want to talk to him! I hate him! He is a f-cking assh-le! He is disrespectful and rude, and he's doing me dirty! And it's f-cking disgusting that a man is treating a woman like that, who has been nothing but nice to him!"

Alyssa added that while Chris tried to come off like a good guy, he's a "f-cking used car salesman who sells houses."

"Why does he think he can move into the apartment and I can't? Why can't I hang out with my girls? Why don't I get to be there?!... I'm not being portrayed in a good light... and I am being nice to [Chris]!" Alyssa said.

"I'm a good person and if I don't come off that way on this show, I'm going to be f-cking pissed!"

Producers told Alyssa that this show is Married at First Sight and not "Single at First Sight," and so if she didn't want to stay married, she needed to just end her journey on the show.

Chris was upset because Alyssa didn't even seem to want to get to know him, but based on what Chris had heard from Alyssa's family and friends at their wedding, he believed he's exactly the man she needs in her life.

Chris, however, had reached a breaking point and was about ready to cut his losses.

On Day 6 of marriage, Lindsey and Mark met up with Chris for a conversation while Alyssa sought out Katina and Jasmina for a talk.

Chris recalled how Alyssa had claimed they had too many "values differences" the morning after their wedding, but Chris said they never even had a real in-depth conversation.

Lindsey suggested that Chris didn't fit Alyssa's "vision" physically and so she essentially just wrote him off. Chris, however, said Alyssa never flat out said that she wasn't attracted to him.

Lindsey said Alyssa would regret losing Chris in 10 years, and Mark gave Chris a lot of credit. The pair agreed Chris is "a standup man," and they built up his ego a little bit.

Mark told the cameras it was wrong for Alyssa to expect her "magical dream guy" at the altar.


Meanwhile, Alyssa vented to the girls about how she wasn't blaming Chris for getting robbed in the experiment but he seemed to be blaming her and she didn't think that was fair.

Alyssa said she wanted to find a husband going into the experiment but things she had heard from Chris' family and friends -- such as Chris can be condescending at times -- didn't sit well with her.

Katina mentioned how Alyssa wasn't giving Chris a chance, and she admitted that Alyssa shouldn't have taken things said from other people at the wedding at face value and then made a decision about her marriage based on those opinions or observations.

But Alyssa felt she was being honest and respectful and doing the experiment justice.

Katina then flat out said it appeared Alyssa just wasn't physically attracted to Chris and so she wasn't interested in pursuing things.

Alyssa confirmed Chris is not physically what she's normally attracted to or what she had asked the experts for, but she insisted, "I would have rather them tell me, 'We don't have a match for you,' then match me with somebody who doesn't align with me."

Jasmina's heart went out to Chris because she believed Alyssa saw Chris and then "was done from Day 1." She didn't think Alyssa had given Chris a shot at all.

Chris, however, thought he had been matched with the right woman because she's driven, ambitious and more. Chris wanted to continue working on his marriage, but Mark thought Chris just needed to let his wife go.

Later on, Lindsey and Mark flew kites and Lindsey said she felt really happy and got matched with a wonderful, fun man. She gushed about how her soul was filled with love and she was crazy about her spouse.

Jasmina and Michael then visited the waterfall and bonded while taking in the beautiful views. The pair had more difficult and awkward conversations than lighthearted ones up to that point, so Michael was focused on just having fun together.

Michael opened up about how he had been bullied in elementary school, and Jasmina got out of her comfort zone and let loose by walking in the water with her husband, which made him feel excited.

"This is the first time I'm seeing Jasmina smile since our wedding day," Michael noted.

Jasmina wasn't sure she could "get there" and go all the way with her husband in terms of having a lasting marriage, but she assured the cameras she was going to keep trying.

On Day 6 of marriage, the five couples gathered together for drinks and some good conversation. The group agreed Steve and Noi would probably have children first, unless Mark and Lindsey got pregnant by accident.

Noi announced how she'd like to have three children, but it seemed Steve only wants two kids.

Olajuwon said he liked how Katina "checked him" when he can be too much, and Jasmina thought the pair was a great balance for each other. Noi also shared how Steve is a logical realist and she was okay with him being a bit behind in his feelings for her.

Steve explained how he often shows his feelings through physical touch and the way he interacts, and so once Noi learned that, she felt better about being the only one of the two of them to be falling in love.

Chris and Alyssa apparently hadn't spoken since playing tennis, and so Chris said in a confessional, "I'm trying to push as hard as I can while giving her the space to grow because everybody has always told me that she moves incredibly slowly."

But Chris wanted Alyssa to say out loud, and off-camera, that she was done and wanted to move on if she truly felt that way.

Noi then asked Alyssa what her plans were for after the honeymoon, and Alyssa said how she wanted Chris to live in the new apartment for the first half of the rest of the experiment and then she'd move in for the second half.

"We both want to be a part of it because I know I love you all so much," Alyssa said.

"I need alcohol," Lindsey muttered under her breath.

"And just because it didn't work out in a romantic sense, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to participate when we're both still sitting her and want to do that, in my opinion," Alyssa continued.

But Chris knocked that "strategy" and said he wasn't interested in living like that, adding, "I love all of you, but I didn't come here for you guys. I am either all in or all out. I'm not looking to split time with you like we're divorced parents."

Chris thought it was ridiculous and "absurd" Alyssa was looking at their marriage like divorced parents, trying to choose which weekends they could spend with their kids, aka the other couples.

"We're not picking weekends. This isn't a draft. At this point, I think she is continuing with this process because she wants to live in the apartment building, not because of anything having to do with our marriage," Chris complained in a confessional.

Chris announced how he wanted to find a woman with whom to spend the rest of his life and he was okay with moving at a glacial pace; however, he didn't want to continue putting himself out there unless he could "get something that's not zero back."

Alyssa was furious at the idea of Chris saying, once again, that she wasn't trying. Alyssa also found it "disappointing" that Chris wasn't willing to compromise on her apartment idea, and she said he was "actively trying" to make her look "bad."

"It won't happen because I'm not a bad person. I am a really f-cking good person," Alyssa insisted to the cameras.

Chris told Alyssa that if she was "all out," then he would be as well, but if she was even "one percent in," he'd be "all in" for her.

Alyssa acknowledged it had been a tough journey for them both, and she refused to give Chris a straight answer. Alyssa said the demise of her marriage wasn't her fault, and then Lindsey made a skeptical face that pissed Alyssa off.

Alyssa said she was putting in the work and the way her marriage was going hurt her, but Lindsey accused Alyssa of not being genuine and blurting out things that weren't true.

Alyssa started crying at the dinner, and then Chris just asked his wife simply if she was all out.

"I think it's not a conversation in front of everyone else," Alyssa said.

"It never is," Chris griped.

Olajuwon said he felt bad for Chris, who clearly has a big heart, as Alyssa repeated how she was definitely trying and had multiple chances to leave already.

Olajuwon claimed Alyssa hadn't left yet only because she was in beautiful 90-degree weather in Puerto Rico. He called all of Alyssa's statements "excuses" and Chris just appeared confused on whether or not he was supposed to be moving on.

Mark was just glad Lindsey didn't start a fight with Alyssa at the dinner, even though Lindsey claimed Alyssa was "making one of the biggest mistakes of her life."

Olajuwon said Chris was putting his heart out on the line and sacrificing and embarrassing himself to make Alyssa happy, and he just wished Alyssa could see and appreciate that.

Later on, Alyssa and Chris sat down for a talk, but it wasn't "the talk" Chris needed and desired.

Chris asked Alyssa we she thought living in the apartment separately would be the best solution for them, and she just said, "I know that I want to be a part of this experience and this experiment, and for me, I want to be able to move into that apartment for this experience and to participate with the group."

Alyssa said that experience was important for the both of them, and then Chris realized -- in his opinion -- the "experience" was Alyssa's true motive and that she didn't really want to go through "the process" with him as her husband.

Chris asked Alyssa if she entered the process willing to adjust for someone who's not perfect, and Alyssa insisted she never thought the experts would match her with someone who is 1,000 percent perfect but she and Chris had too many differences that they couldn't change on.

Chris questioned if she had brought up any of those differences to him, to see if he could change on those things, and she said, "Yup!" But then Alyssa couldn't point out a single one.

"Right now, I am mentally not able to sit here and have this conversation... But I am going to have that conversation with you," Alyssa replied.

Chris lamented in a confessional about how Alyssa wasn't willing to talk to him on or off camera, and he felt Alyssa had "quit" on him, although she argued otherwise.

Chris said if Alyssa wasn't going to try, then she could have the apartment for two months and "knock [herself] out. Chris was desperate to know if there was a sliver of a chance their relationship could thrive, but Alyssa refused to give him that answer.

"It's not fair or respectful that you keep asking me the same thing when I keep telling you that I cannot sit here and tell you that answer right now. And I don't like it when you continuously try to poke me," Alyssa told her husband.

Alyssa was growing more and more upset, and then she told Chris how she didn't like how he was talking to her and his approach to conversation was actually "disgusting to" her.

"I don't like the way you talk to me," Alyssa griped.

Chris finally came to the conclusion that Alyssa had "no interest" in being with him or making their marriage work, and so he accused her of not knowing what she had gotten herself into.

A producer then asked Chris to allow Alyssa the space to take a little more time for herself to make a decision, but Chris said it seemed Alyssa was still in it "not for the right reasons."

"That's not fair, and I'm not going to stand for that. I am here for the right reasons, and that is not okay," Alyssa cried.

"This is my character and this is the person I'm going to be shown as, and that's not okay! Because I'm a really f-cking good person and I came here with the right intentions!"

Alyssa insisted she would never have subjected her family and friends to this experiment if she wasn't in it for the right reasons.

"So I will not stand here and have someone assassinate my character," Alyssa griped.

Chris just wished Alyssa would say how she really felt and take the consequences of those feelings and opinions.

Meanwhile, the other couples were looking forward to moving in together and hopefully getting along and growing in love. Jasmina hoped to work on communication in her marriage, and Katina and Olajuwon were optimistic their differences would continue to complement each other rather than pull them apart.

As for Lindsey and Mark, she couldn't wait to watch TV with her husband and have Mark cook her burgers. Lindsey apparently didn't think she was leaving paradise just because her honeymoon was over.

And Alyssa wrapped up the episode by calling her marriage to Chris "a mess," even though Chris thought the experts had given him exactly what he was looking for in a wife.

"I did everything that I could in the ways that I could control," Chris noted.

Alyssa also said her marriage failure wasn't her fault and she had put in a lot of time and effort to be a part of the show.


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