Married at First Sight's Decision Day featured Paige Banks and Chris Williams each having an emotional breakdown during an intense six-hour meeting with the experts, Haley Harris and Jacob Harder pointing the finger at each other, and three couples staying together during the Season 12 finale that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The three couples who chose to stay married on Decision Day, which occurred after eight weeks of the experiment, were Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre, Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs, and Briana Myles and Vincent Morales.


But Paige decided to end her marriage even though Chris entered Decision Day "undecided," and Haley and Jacob also opted to get a divorce when meeting with Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Afterward, however, Paige also left the door open to be being more than just friends with Chris -- leaving the confusing MAFS couple's future still unclear.

Married at First Sight  Season 12 Decision Day

Heading into Decision Day -- after each couple was asked to sleep in different places -- Ryan admitted Clara is gorgeous and never made him question how she's feeling, but he said he was "weighing all options" about whether to continue their marriage.

Clara, however, seemed head-over-heels in love with her husband. Clara seemed nervous because she wasn't 100 percent sure of what Ryan was going to say.

When sitting down with the experts, Ryan said the process had been very "introspective" for him and Clara revealed she and Ryan had been "a really good fit."

Given both Ryan and Clara have alpha personalities and Clara has "some spice" to her, Ryan said they both liked being right and so he had to learn how to effectively communicate with her.

Clara shared that she was willing to wait a couple of months to have sex with Ryan for the first time and it's not a hill she was "willing to die on" since they'd hopefully be married for the rest of their lives.

Ryan also confirmed falling in love is "a work in progress" for him and love will develop with trust as Clara chips away at his walls.

Clara then told Ryan that he had become her best friend whom she could talk to about anything.

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"You are by far my healthiest relationship... and it's kind of weird, I can't picture my life without you. I feel like we are meant to be, and I think that you are the best husband I've ever had -- and hopefully the only one I'll ever have. I want to stay married," Clara shared.

Ryan, in turn, told Clara that she had managed to get in his brain with a lot of patience, understanding and commitment.

"I would for sure say, Clara, I 150 percent want to stay married to you," Ryan noted, before Clara kissed him.

Clara said she couldn't wait to continue the rest of her life with Ryan and start the next chapter of their relationship.

It then became time for Haley and Jacob's final decision. Haley called Jacob "quirky" with "interesting eating habits" -- red meat and eggs -- but also "opinionated and stubborn." She said they didn't have much in common.

Jacob complimented Haley on being smart, outgoing and strong-willed although they're very different.

When they met with the experts, Haley admitted Jacob wasn't her "typical type" but they had a "great" wedding day. Haley said she learned so much about communication and expressing her feelings, and Jacob shared how he had practiced "patience under pressure."

Haley said Jacob projected his past-relationship failures onto her during their first week of marriage, and Jacob explained that he tried to give Haley the space her family suggested she needed at times.

"It came across as there wasn't any effort, and I didn't know how to voice that," Haley said.

Jacob said he never intended for Haley to feel that way and his intention was actually "the opposite" of not putting effort in.

Jacob insisted he came at Haley at a different angle every single day, but Haley said Jacob wanted to have the same conversation over and over again about what was missing in their relationship and whether she was attracted to him.

Haley complained their conversations were too heavy and dragged her down, but Jacob argued he only mentioned the attraction issue and what was missing in their relationship once.


Pastor Cal asked Jacob what he would say if Haley wanted to stay married and try to work things out, and Jacob replied, "I would say, 'We had eight weeks to try and I don't know if we ever really did. That's what I would say."

Haley said she put in all the effort that she had to give and if she tried to stick things out with Jacob, she would be "settling for just a marriage."

"Our perspectives are just completely different and we never got to that point of having a connection or moving past any of the arguments that we had, so I would like to get divorced," Haley announced.

Pastor Cal pointed out that sometimes two great people simply don't make a great couple.

Haley lamented about having a failed marriage, saying she didn't expect to leave Married at First Sight single, but she was apparently looking forward to the future and finding her perfect match.

"I've taken a few kicks to the d-ck in life but I'm nothing but optimistic and hopeful," Jacob said in a confessional after the meeting.

Chris and Paige's Decision Day was up next.

Paige said there were times when she could see some good in Chris but they were overshadowed by his "duplicitous and erratic behaviors." She said Chris always left her feeling "confused and rejected."

"He did not let God lead him in our marriage, thus he did not nurture the small spiritual bond we had begun to form," Paige explained.

Chris gushed that Paige is "the true definition of a wife" in that she's "loyal, very intelligent, humble, patient and [caring]." He also said she carries herself with class and respect but tended to get agitated quickly, shut down and not spare his feelings.

During Chris and Paige's sit-down conversation with Pastor Cal, Pepper and Viviana, Paige expressed how she appreciated Chris' vulnerability and confidence. She thought God had put them in this process for a reason but announced how she did not feel valued or respected by Chris.

When asked why she kept "coming back" to Chris after his ex-fiancee Mercedes Myrick turned out to be pregnant and he dumped Paige multiple times, Paige explained that she had been hopeful and fell in love with the idea of marriage, which essentially blinded her in her unhealthy relationship.

"You were the best thing that I never cherished, and you embody everything that I ever wanted in a wife, and I allowed external circumstances to affect that. I want to say that, from the bottom of my heart, I'm legitimately sorry for ruining this. You were what I needed in a wife and I didn't appreciate it."


"I've been waiting for that, and I really appreciate that," Paige responded.

"When I stated that I was afraid of falling in love, I meant that," Chris added.

Chris then revealed to Paige and the experts that Mercedes had suffered a miscarriage. With that being said, Chris started to cry and walked away from the set, which resulted in Paige chasing him down to talk.

Chris and Paige sat in Chris' car as he bawled his eyes out, and Paige expressed how she was concerned about his mental health. Chris apologized for dissing and degrading Paige because he claimed he really cared about her.

Chris explained that he felt alone and embarrassed in Las Vegas because it seemed like everyone hated him and so he thought it would be best to just back out -- when he allegedly "needed [Paige] the most -- and protect himself.

"I was selfish and you didn't deserve any of this. I didn't protect you," Chris cried to his wife. "I didn't covet you. I didn't do anything and I'm sorry."

Chris said he had entered Decision Day with his mind made up about divorcing Paige but he realized he had "a good ass woman" when she comforted and supported him during his breakdown.

"I'm starting to second-guess my decision of getting divorced because this is the first time Chris has ever affirmed me like this, not just as a woman but as his wife, and I felt it," Paige explained.

The pair then returned to their meeting with the experts and Paige admitted she was mentally and emotionally "overwhelmed" because the main reason why their relationship hadn't worked out -- meaning the pregnancy and Chris' relationship with Mercedes -- was now taken away.

Pastor Cal pointed out Chris and Paige's relationship was already in jeopardy prior to Chris learning about the baby due to Chris' lack of attraction to his wife, but Chris said she and Paige were headed down the right track and his feelings were changing.

"Let's just cut to the chase: are you saying this marriage is not over?" Pastor Cal asked.

"I have feelings for Paige. She is everything that I need in a wife, and if I had a time machine, I would go back and start the process over," Chris announced. "I'm sorry, I'm just being honest -- because I owe her that."

Paige confessed that she still admired Chris and really wanted a happy ending with him and Decision Day had turned into a big dark cloud over her head.


Paige was afraid to act on her emotions instead of logic, and when it became time to make a final decision, Chris said, "I think that we are undecided."

Viviana admitted she was "not okay" with that, but Chris said neither Paige or himself could give a decision in the moment.

"I feel like you are doing this to play with her and now to play with us!" Viviana scolded Chris.

Chris stood by the fact he hadn't made a decision and the experts couldn't control him.

"She deserves a lot more," Viviana said. "She deserves for you to talk it out with her!"

Paige attempted to calm Chris down and explained to the experts her situation with Chris had been "extremely unorthodox." Paige said she appreciated the experts' patience with them and could have made a sound decision if her relationship with Chris lasted longer than their honeymoon.

Paige said Mercedes' pregnancy had been lingering in the back of her mind the whole time.

Pastor Cal suggested, "So what you're saying is, tonight you are deciding to stay married -- for now?"

Paige shook her head "no" but wouldn't confirm or deny whether that was the case, and then she broke down into tears and lamented Decision Day was just "too much" for her and she couldn't do it anymore.

Chris went after Paige and recommended they just take their microphones off and leave together.

But Paige asked to speak with a producer in private, as Pastor Cal expressed that his "big concern" was Paige's mental state and well-being.

Paige told the producer, "I feel like I'm at my breaking point. I feel like a part of me is stupid as f-ck to even say I'm 'undecided,' but I never heard him say any of those things. I'm trying to gauge what's real."

Paige said she came into Decision Day with a clear decision and she no longer knew what to do.

Behind the scenes, Pastor Cal whispered in Chris' ear to make responsible decisions both for himself and Paige and that Decision Day for them wasn't about the show. Chris insisted he wasn't trying to be disrespectful, but Pastor Cal reminded Chris that Paige was very "vulnerable."

"My intention was to come in here and walk away," Chris said.

"I know, and then things changed," Pastor Cal recognized.


Meanwhile, Viviana told Pepper that it seemed like Paige was "pleading with her eyes" to be given an out from her marriage, and Pepper acknowledged Paige was holding onto one little piece of hope with Chris.

Once Paige regained her composure, she and Chris continued their conversation with the experts. Paige explained that while she held onto a little bit of hope, she had never chosen herself in their marriage.

"To be honest, I don't really think that things will change. There's been a lot of hurt and I can't ignore that, you know? So I don't know if I can stay in this... Just for my emotional and mental health, I think I need to go ahead and not stay married," Paige determined.

Chris said he was "disappointed" things didn't go differently but he respected Paige's decision and wished her the best. Paige just didn't think she and Chris were a good match for each other, and she noted how he had never really shown up for their marriage.

"My heart isn't in it. Love is a daily decision that shouldn't be taken for granted," Paige concluded in a confessional.

The experts appeared exhausted after their talk with Chris and Paige, but Pastor Cal said he couldn't be angry with Chris if Paige wasn't "pissed" at him.

Erik and Virginia's chat with the experts was up next, and Erik said he loved how Virginia lights up a room and has a free spirit. Erik said Virginia didn't seem ready for marriage at first due to her partying ways and needed boundaries.

Erik also complained Virginia "snaps to judgement when she should think things over." However, Erik said his world was simply better with Virginia by his side and she could do no wrong in his eyes.

Virginia gushed about Erik's sensitivity and pure heart, adding that he's passionate and protective. Virginia appreciated how Erik worried about her happiness more than his own and how she never had to question his feelings for her.

"[But] he's sometimes too grown up," Virginia noted. "Erik always thinks he knows best... I'd be lying if I said that I'm confident in where me and Erik are. I am a little scared about the next step in our relationship."

Erik told the experts he and Virginia had their "ups and downs for sure," and Pepper could tell Erik and Virginia were both very nervous.

"I can't 100 percent say I know what [Virginia]'s answer is going to be today. I don't," Erik acknowledged. "There are walls up with her for sure, there is no doubt about that... I know I'm not her No. 1 person right now."

Erik said Virginia's friend group still seemed to come first and they hadn't reached a maximum level of love yet. Erik said he wanted to be Virginia's No. 1 person, but Virginia explained that she was used to being single and independent.

Virginia explained that she wanted to "need" Erik but still had her guard up and couldn't help that.

Erik said Virginia had become his best friend and he just wanted that in return. Erik worried about getting his heart broken again.

Pepper could tell Virginia was close to fully accepting Erik's loyalty, and Virginia agreed.

Erik ultimately told Virginia that the highs of their relationship had outweighed the lows "beyond belief" and Married at First Sight had been one of the greatest experiences of his life.

Erik said Virginia taught him a lot about himself and he had tried to be the best person he can be.

"I know the things that I do [wrong] and I'm trying to work on those... There have been very hard times with us -- very. I don't know if this is going to work. I'm worried about it and I'm freaking out," Erik explained.

"It's just a scary thing because I have all of these feelings for you. It's been crazy, but I would never change a single thing about any of it."

Erik told Virginia that she's one of the coolest people he's ever met in his life, and then he got down on one knee and presented Virginia with a silicone wedding band.

"Virginia, will you stay married to me?" Erik asked.

"Yes, baby!" Virginia replied, before kissing her spouse.

Erik was thrilled Virginia had said "yes," and he said this was his second chance at finding love and he had received his happily-ever-after. Erik said finding Virginia was worth all the struggles and he wanted Virginia to trust him and come to him with all of her adversities.

"I am in love with my husband. I am definitely confident in our foundation, and I think even with the differences that we have, that foundation is going to be what carries us through," Virginia gushed.

"I am confident in our marriage and our commitment to each other, and I think that's what's going to get us through the hard times as well as the good."

And finally, Briana and Vincent met with each other for Decision Day.

Briana said Vincent is the most attentive, caring and loving man she's ever been with. She appreciated how family oriented he is, but Briana admitted Vincent can be "stuck in his ways" and "have a hard time taking the lightest of criticism."

"He can even have a hard time taking a joke. Vincent doesn't like to feel embarrassed, period. He overthinks things," Briana said. "Vincent and I have different communication styles, but we're working on it."

Despite their issues, however, Briana said she loved Vincent and believed that he is her future.

Vincent said he admired so many things about Briana, including that she's supportive, caring, and fun. Vincent enjoyed being a dog dad to Cookie, but he didn't like how Briana could sometimes be overly assertive and bossy.

Vincent told the cameras Briana is everything he needed and wanted in a wife and she was working on her delivery in conversation to not be so direct.

Briana was worried Vincent wouldn't want to deal with her bossiness for the rest of his life.

"Our marriage has not been a breeze, but it has been good," Briana told the experts, adding that she and Vincent were doing "a ton of compromising," especially in their communication styles.

Vincent explained Briana being rude at times really bothered him, but Briana insisted she didn't mean any harm and tried her best to keep herself in check.

"But my tone and my directness is just something that's a part of me, and I cannot change myself regardless of who [Vincent] wants me to be or what he wants me to be," Briana said.

It then became time for Briana and Vincent to reveal their final decisions.

"Coming into this, I didn't want to change myself to fit the mold that someone else has for me, but I love the person I'm becoming because of you," Briana told Vincent.

"I didn't expect to feel this way in such a short period of time... You are somebody that I've grown to need. You are my person and I come to you about everything. You literally mean the world to me."

Briana therefore concluded that she wanted to dig deeper in their relationship and "of course" stay married to Vincent, which Pepper gushed was "truly wonderful."

In reply, Vincent looked at Briana and said she had brought so much joy into his life and he felt so close to her and could talk to her about anything.

"I've never had that, and so you've fulfilled my life. You make me whole, and not just you, but Cookie too. You are all that I've been missing," Vincent shared.

Vincent then got down on one knee and presented Briana with a whole cheesecake. Inside the box, words read, " Briana, will you marry me?" Briana said she appreciated the cake so much more than a ring.

Briana answered "yes," and Vincent explained that she wished she had cheesecake before Decision Day and so this was a great way to show his love.

Vincent said he couldn't wait to tell his children about how his first date with his wife was their wedding day, and Briana said she looked forward to falling more in love with her husband.

Following Decision Day, all five couples -- sans Chris -- gathered together to share their decisions and swap stories.

Erik revealed he had asked Virginia's father for permission to stay married to Virginia and received his blessing.

Haley announced to the group she and Jacob had agreed to divorce and she had no regrets, especially upon hearing Jacob hadn't learned anything about himself through the process.

"I think it's absolutely shocking that he hasn't learned anything in this process. It just let me know that my feelings are correct and I made the right decision," Haley griped.

Paige explained to the group "it was not an easy decision" to divorce Chris and "60 percent" of her considered staying married because Chris had been extremely apologetic to her like never before. Paige was convinced Chris' apology had been sincere.

Virginia and Clara, however, expressed how they were happy Paige chose to leave Chris and focus on self-love, and Paige said she was "at peace" with her decision.

Chris showed up to the gathering late by himself and everyone appeared shocked and a little uncomfortable. But Chris apologized for letting his life interfere with everyone's marriages and thanked the cast members for supporting Paige through a difficult time.

Chris congratulated the successful couples and admitted he had been "a horrible husband" through the process.

"Looking back, I wish I would have moved into the apartment [with Paige]. I wish I had done the process. I wish I wouldn't have been a rebel. I wish things were different, but I was trying to guard myself and I went about things the wrong way," Chris confessed to the group.

Chris acknowledged he has "areas of weakness" and a habit of sweeping things under a rug rather than confronting issues or hardships.

Erik said he appreciated and accepted Chris' apology and wished him the best in the future, and then Chris shook the pilot's hand.

Paige told the cameras she was "in awe" of Chris and Erik's ability to bury the hatchet.

"I feel complete knowing that Chris is here supporting me. He showed up for me, he came and he is here. But I have no expectations for anything right now," Paige explained.

"I think we can leave as friends, and if something progresses, then so be it. If not, then so be that as well. Either way, I'm excited to find out what my new chapter and new phase of life is going to look like for me in the future."


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