Married at First Sight: Couples Cam featured Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner making a tough decision about Henley's education amid the coronavirus pandemic, Keith Dewar upset over his grandmother being diagnosed with COVID-19, and Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson having a ghost hunt in their new home during the Season 2 premiere broadcast Thursday night on Lifetime.

In addition to the nine couples who starred on Married at First Sight: Couples Cam's first season, Season 2 also stars the three new couples who chose to stay married at the end of Married at First Sight's eleventh edition, which ended its broadcast run on Lifetime last fall.


The nine returning couples are Season 1 couple Jamie O. and Doug, Season 5 couple Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico, Season 6 couple Jephte Pierre and Shawniece Jackson, Season 7 couple Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd, Season 8 couples AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen as well as Keith and Kristine Killingsworth, Season 9 couple Elizabeth and Jamie T., Season 9 couple Deonna McNeill and Gregory Okotie, and Season 10 couple Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd.

The new Season 11 duos to join the Married at First Sight: Couples Cam family are Karen Landry and Miles Williams, Amani Rashid-Smith and Woody Randall, and Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner.

Married at First Sight: Couples Cam's second season features raw, self-shot footage updating viewers on the current lives of the fan-favorite Married at First Sight couples.

The couples' domestic lives are documented in real time and shared via mounted cameras, "Diary Cams" and virtual group chats.

The initial premise of Couples Cam stemmed from the fact all of the Married at First Sight couples had to self-isolate and quarantine amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, so the stars welcomed viewers into their homes and daily lives.

Of the 12 successful marriages Married at First Sight has spawned, there have also been six babies welcomed in the world.

When Couples Cam's second season filmed, Deonna, Danielle and Ashley were all pregnant. Deonna and Greg are expecting their first child, while Ashley and Anthony had Baby No. 2 on the way. Danielle and Bobby were also expecting their second child.

(Since the show filmed, both Ashley and Danielle gave birth).

Below is an update on the couples, according to the latest episode of Couples Cam.

Amani and Woody

Amani live on the same block as Miles and Karen, and the two couples apparently get together once a week.
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The two couples were shown drinking cocktails and enjoying each other's company, and then Miles suggested they should have a grill-off and cookout.

There was a battle of the houses and the losing couple had to take shots of alcohol, which Karen wasn't looking forward to potentially doing.


Woody whipped up barbecue salmon, bacon wrapped asparagus, potatoes, and some other impressive other dishes, while Karen planned to grill some shrimp and vegetables -- including onions, squash and tomatoes.

In the end, Woody and Amani won the grill-off and Karen's face taking a shot was priceless.

Jamie and Doug

Jamie and Doug were adjusting to life in Florida without any family or friends nearby.

Doug was shown chasing after Henley to put her down for a nap, but she was running around the house and crying.

Doug said there was no one to babysit Henley in Florida and he was exhausted considering the couple was trying to homeschool her while working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"I can't do this anymore," Doug said.

And Jamie agreed, saying she and Doug just couldn't get anything done and something had to change.

Jamie and Doug sat down and talked about how Henley was probably acting out because she wasn't stimulated and they weren't challenging her. Doug apparently had a breaking point since the couple also had a newborn in the picture.

"I don't know what we're going to do, but we've got to get some structure back in her life," Jamie said.

Doug admitted he was "really torn" about whether to send Henley back to school because he wanted her to have a routine again and be back with other children. But at the same time, Doug wanted to make sure his daughter would be safe and Jamie didn't want Henley to catch COVID-19.

"I just don't think there is any other solution," Doug pointed out.

After doing a lot of research, Jamie and Doug found a preschool that takes extreme COVID-19 safety measures, such as taking temperatures at the beginning of the day and practicing social distancing.

Henley said she couldn't wait to go to school and play with her friends.

Henley grabbed her lunchbox and sweetly shouted, "I'm ready, daddy!"

Jamie thought this was the best decision for Henley and her family as long as everyone would take the proper precautions.

Henley's first day of school apparently went very well, and her teacher said Henley was incredibly sweet. Not only did Henley draw on an apple but she had chocolate for lunch, supposedly.

Keith and Kristine

Keith said he was working seven days a week and had to come into contact with a lot of COVID-19 patients, which he said was "really hard."

Keith admitted he was "getting tired."

Keith revealed his grandmother Muriel had caught coronavirus, and he and Kristine were really upset because they loved her so much.


Kristine said she had become really close with Muriel since the couple got married.

Keith's grandmother said her symptoms started with a cough and she was feeling "awful." She had even been hospitalized for a while.

Keith was devastated because he couldn't do anything for her besides sitting back and letting professionals do their job. Muriel helped to raise him and the pair are incredibly close.

"I just feel helpless," Keith told the cameras.

Keith told his grandmother that he was scared upon learning she had been diagnosed with COVID-19.

"He felt really guilty for a while," Kristine said.

"I thought it was me that gave it to you because I work with COVID patients. I actually got tested that same day [I saw you] and I came back negative, but you never know. And that's the scary part," Keith explained.

Once Keith and Kristine discovered his grandmother was no longer contagious with COVID, the couple went to visit her. Keith called Muriel "a fighter," and Muriel advised them not to get sick because the experience was awful.

Keith took out Muriel's trash on the way out of her house, and he joked that things were definitely back to normal.

Ashley and Anthony

Anthony's birthday was coming up and when all the couples were on Zoom together, Jamie Otis shouted that the couple should have birthday sex.

Since Ashley was pregnant, however, she planned to give him a nice gift to make up for whatever might have been "missing."

Ashley gifted Anthony a drone but she noted he didn't seem very excited. Anthony said he just hoped he could figure out how to use it. Anthony didn't use the gadget for a while and so Ashley considered returning it, but Anthony insisted the time would come.

Three days later, the drone was still sitting in a box.


That weekend, Anthony finally took his drone for a test drive, and he quickly became obsessed with the toy. Ashley joked that Anthony was terrorizing their child -- who was clearly afraid of the drone -- with his new gadget.

Anthony then began buying new parts for his drone, including propellers, and Ashley pointed out she had just created a monster.

Anthony, however, lost his drone when it appeared to fly into the woods.

The couple then took a walk to a park to get Anthony's mind off the drone -- and he found the drone near a tree!

"This is the best day ever!" Anthony gushed.

"Wasn't that when Mila was born or your wedding day?" Ashley argued.

Anthony just thought it was insane he had stumbled across his toy like that.

AJ and Stephanie

AJ and Stephanie went pumpkin picking. They were looking forward to a nice, relaxing day with no competition between them.

Stephanie said the hayride was "a bit of a bust" and boring but she took her time in picking out the perfect pumpkin, which AJ teased her about.

The couple then got a little freaked out in a corn maze, and Stephanie said she was depending on her husband to find their way out.

"I think we're both winners!" Stephanie exclaimed once the pair made it to the finish line.

AJ and Stephanie then shot apples using an apple slingshot, which turned out to be a competition.

"I guess we can't change who we are," Stephanie noted.

That night, AJ and Stephanie had a pumpkin-carving contest and AJ was prepared to have his second win of the day since he had defeated her in the apple slingshot.

AJ's nieces and nephews judged the contest via Zoom and Stephanie ended up winning.

Elizabeth and Jamie

Jamie admitted he felt a weird energy sleeping in the couple's new home in Santa Barbara together for the first night, and Elizabeth revealed she had met one of their neighbors and learned someone had died in the house they had just purchased.

"I swear to God! I cannot make this up! Jamie, there are a lot things I mess with you about, but spirits are not one of them," Elizabeth shared.

Elizabeth said the woman who died was named Angela or Angelica, and then the couple noticed the chandelier moving.

Elizabeth then found house plans in the basement -- "like any good horror film -- and talked Jamie into having a ghost hunt.

Elizabeth said she felt weird energy in the closet in the guest room while Jamie picked up weird vibes from the staircase.

The couple conducted their ghost hunt in the dark and Elizabeth screamed multiple times. She thought she heard something -- but it was apparently just their cat.

"This house is tripping me out! What did we do?!" Elizabeth complained.

Suddenly, Elizabeth and Jamie's camera died, and Elizabeth said it turned off and turned back on. Elizabeth was determined to stop the ghost hunt right away because she was terrified.

"I do not play with the dead after I realize the dead is actually here," Elizabeth said.

In the end, Elizabeth saged her new house and tried to transfer the alleged ghost energy into a deck of tarot cards.


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