Married at First Sight alum Erik Lake is off the market again and has just debuted his new girlfriend on social media.

Erik married Virginia Coombs on Married at First Sight's twelfth season and the pair also starred on Season 3 of Married at First Sight: Couples Cam, but they separated in April 2021 and filed for divorce in Georgia in June 2021.


While Erik's relationship with Virginia didn't work out, the pilot clearly has high hopes for his future with his new girlfriend, a beautiful blonde nurse.

Erik, who was also previously married before he appeared on Married at First Sight, took to Instagram earlier this week and posted a slideshow of photos with a woman he tagged as Logen. (Logen's Instagram profile, however, says her name is Lola).

"It's a crazy thing when you stop trying so hard to find your person and just let things play out the way they are supposed to," Erik captioned the photos, including shots of Erik and Logen hiking and flying on a plane together.

"The past is the past and I can't sit here and regret every little thing that happened before because all of it led me right where I'm supposed to be now. I'm the happiest I've ever been."

Erik said he's seen "that level of happiness all around" him for years in other people's relationships but now it's his turn.

"It's an amazing thing to witness and I thought I knew what that felt like a time or two, but when you actually find someone that puts you on a level you never knew you could attain, it's an unbelievable feeling," Erik continued.

"Laughing and joking about things is so important to me and that comes so easily for us. She even laughs at my stupid dad jokes that aren't even that funny to begin with."

Erik gushed about how Logen has "such a genuine heart."

"You can see it from a mile away it's so big. She's the kindest and sweetest person I've ever known and truly beautiful inside and out," Erik said. "She had me with those [blue] eyes the first time I saw them."

Erik wrote how he's "grateful for every moment" he's shared with Logen so far.
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"We've had a lot of memorable ones so far and I'm looking forward to more of them in the future. She makes me better in every way," Erik told his followers.

"Everything is so easy and positive and she makes life worth living to the fullest every day. I'm the luckiest guy in the world and I'm thankful I get to be yours. I love you Logen. @padawan_punz."


Fellow Married at First Sight alum Vincent Morales congratulated Erik on his new romance, writing in the comments, "Happy for you my brother."

And Logen replied to his post, "You're the best thing to ever happen to me. I'm so grateful that we found each other, and am so excited to see what's in store for our future together! I love you with all my heart Erik."

Logen also posted a heartfelt message of her own on Instagram when officially revealing her new relationship.

"I knew I was in big trouble the day I caught a glimpse of those big green eyes and that irresistible smile of yours. What I didn't realize was, I'd be meeting the man of my dreams that day," Logen captioned a video montage of the couple.

"If I had known, I probably would have had some cheesier pickup lines on hand. Luckily you had me covered in that department though. In all seriousness, you've brought so much joy and light into my life since we met."

Logen called Erik "everything" she's "ever dreamed of having in a partner" -- and in life.

"Every fear I had of being hurt again has gone out the window. All the walls I spent most of my life building up, already fell down months ago. For the first time in my life, I genuinely feel safe," Logen gushed.

"Now I understand what people mean when they say, 'When you know, you know.' I know you're my person. I know I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I know I've found the person that makes me feel whole. I know that you're the only one in the world for me. I know that I love you, Erik Lake. So much. Thank you for being mine @erik_cleared_for_takeoff."

Prior to going Instagram official with Erik, Logen hinted she was in a relationship with him by writing on August 17 she had met "a hot, single pilot."

Logen also captioned a video on August 12, "When you show your friend a pic of the guy you're talking to, but she says she calls dibs if we don't work out."

Back in July 2021, Erik and Virginia had led fans to believe they may possibly reconcile and get back together despite their divorce filing, but that clearly hasn't happened.

Given news of Erik and Virginia's divorce first broke in June 2021, a contract with Lifetime would explain why Virginia and Erik waited another month to publicly confirm their split.

"This entire process has been difficult as is without the constant chatter of public opinion. Contrary to popular belief, we've been together and trying to make our marriage work since Decision Day," the pair told E! News in a statement at the time.

"While we have decided to get a divorce, we aren't closing the doors on a possible future together. We love each other and will continue to navigate our new reality post show."


Virginia also lashed out at fans on Instagram at the time saying she and Erik would "never fake" their relationship for a reality show and social media had been very "toxic" to their marriage.

That summer, Erik and Virginia's Married at First Sight co-star Chris Williams alleged on his Instagram Stories that Virginia, who had a reputation for liking to party and drink during her MAFS season, was a bad influence on her then-husband because Erik had received a DUI and completed a court-mandated rehab for 45 days.

Chris also alleged Virginia had traveled to Mexico while Erik was in rehab and attempted to have a threesome with her MAFS co-star Haley Harris' brother and his spouse.

Although the couple's divorce documents state Virginia and Erik had separated on April 29, 2021, Virginia denied breakup speculation in May 2021, telling a fan in the comments section of one of her Instagram photos, "I am not single!"

The photo showed Virginia debuting a new black hair color, and Erik fed into the couple's alleged narrative by writing on the post, "Beautiful as always... I have a thing for dark haired women," along with a fire emoji.

Speculation Virginia and Erik had broken up at the time swirled because Virginia was accused of flirting with another guy at a bar and partying with girlfriends in Atlanta without her wedding ring.

"Either she is no longer with Erik, or she's cheating," an alleged witness at the bar wrote on Reddit at the time.

"She was ALL over a guy at The Ivy in Buckhead Atlanta last night. And the way he was holding her while dancing, and while at the bar... they certainly were not 'just friends.'"

But Virginia insisted on Instagram Stories in May 2021 that her wedding ring "never comes off" and photos had captured her right hand -- not her left, which features her wedding ring.

Erik and Virginia got married in August 2020, and on Married at First Sight's Season 12 Decision-Day episode that aired in May 2021 on Lifetime, Erik got down on one knee and presented Virginia with a silicone wedding band when asking if she'd stay married to him.

Virginia chose to remain Erik's wife because she gushed about how she's in love with him and viewed him to be a sensitive, passionate and protective man with a pure heart.

Virginia and Erik, however, had major differences, from their cultural and political beliefs to their timeline for having a child.

Erik also wasn't exactly thrilled with Virginia's close relationship with her guy friends.

"He's sometimes too grown up," Virginia told the cameras on Decision Day. "Erik always thinks he knows best... I'd be lying if I said that I'm confident in where me and Erik are. I am a little scared about the next step in our relationship."

And Erik hoped to become the No. 1 person and top priority in Virginia's life. Erik anticipated only time would break down Virginia's walls.

During the reunion special, Erik and Virginia revealed that Virginia had moved into Erik's apartment with her pets and was liking it just fine.

The couple insisted their relationship was doing well even though they had normal marital problems and arguments.

On the early June 2021 premiere episode of Couples Cam's third season, Virginia and Erik were shown traveling to Pennsylvania for a visit with Virginia's mother and sister six months into their marriage.

Virginia said she and Erik had grown closer together from the "scrutiny" and "heat" they were receiving online.

Virginia said the mean comments about her appearance and acne online were the hardest to deal with but she and Erik continued to reassure and protect one another.


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