Big Brother Africa may have swept the African continent, but not everyone is happy about it. Oh, they're still happy in Uganda, where "Gaetano-watching" remains the craze. But what about those countries whose houseguest was voted out?

Reuters reports that the African country of Malawi has decided to pull Big Brother Africa from the state TV network, Television Malawi. Several members of parliament are quoted as saying that they're afraid the "immoral behavior" on the show (in particular, Gaetano and South Africa's Abby) might corrupt the nation's youth.

We would almost believe the Malawi protests, if we didn't know that Malawi's Zein Dudah was the second contestant voted out of the house and that he's now been gone for a month. As has often been said in other contexts, "All politics is local" ... and we think that, were a Malawian still on BB Africa, all of the protests would miraculously vanish.

For those following from other countries, the following eight hamsters are still in the BB Africa maze, with 73 of 106 days complete: Abby, Bayo (Nigeria), Cherise (Zambia), Gaetano, Mwisho (Tanzania), Stefan (Namibia), Tapuwa (Zimbabwe) and Warona (Botswana). Joining Zein on the outside are Sammi (Ghana), Alex (Kenya) and Bruna (Angola).