Reality TV star Shayne Lamas said she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence at a police checkpoint in Los Angeles.

The former winner of "The Bachelor" told E! News exclusively that she was arrested on the misdemeanor charge in Los Angeles' Venice district Saturday night and is taking "full responsibility" for the incident, E! Online reported.

"Early Saturday morning, after consuming one drink, I willingly drove through a mandatory check point on my way home with complete confidence of passing," the "Leave It to Lamas" star said. "However, the breathalyzer indicated that I was over the legal limit of blood alcohol content and was arrested on site."

"I take full responsibility for my lack of judgment. I have always strived to be a role model for my friends, family and fans and have never nor will ever condone drinking and driving. I apologize for all those I have disappointed, including myself."

E! Online said Lamas, 24, was soon released and scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 9.