Now that she's left The Hills, Lauren Conrad is apparently starting to feel comfortable acknowledging the show's fake shenanigans.

According to Conrad, Spencer Pratt never apologized for spreading a false sex tape rumor about her and The Hills scene in which he was allegedly shown doing so during a phone call to her was faked.

"To be perfectly honest, I wasn't on the other end of that call," Conrad told The View co-host Elizabeth Hasslebeck during a Thursday morning appearance on the ABC morning show. 

"What do you mean?" Hasslebeck asked.

"That was filmed and I wasn't on the other end," Conrad reiterated.

Conrad's admission came after Hasslebeck had asked her for her reaction to Pratt's new claims -- which he'd stated during his own appearance on The View on Monday -- that he had only apologized to Conrad in order to get her to come to his wedding to fellow The Hills star Heidi Montag and once again denied being the source of the sex tape rumor, which he also again insisted was true.

"I apologized because that is what got [Conrad] to our wedding," Pratt had said during a Monday appearance on The View that also included his wife.  "I said I'm sorry because [Conrad] said, 'I will come to the wedding if you say I'm sorry' -- for something I didn't even do."
"You never spread the rumors?" The View co-host Sherri Shepherd had asked Pratt.

"Absolutely not," Pratt had answered.  "It's not a rumor.  It was fact."

Conrad's Thursday admission had followed a couple of seconds of awkward silence in which she initially seemed unsure how to answer Hasslebeck's question about her reaction to Pratt's The View comments.

"Um... I mean..." Conrad said before smiling, rolling her eyes and pausing a second time before finally answering Hasslebeck's question.

"I didn't even know about it until [afterwards]," Conrad added afterwards.  "So no, I didn't get an apology, he's lying."

According to Conrad, she simply decided to go to attend the couple's wedding ceremony out of a concern she might otherwise regret not doing so someday.
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"It's a little hard to understand now but a long time ago, years ago, we moved here together and we were best friends and we used to say 'Some day at our weddings' and I just felt like it was a few hours of my time and as much as I didn't agree with it I might someday regret not doing it," Conrad said.  "I was just there for [Heidi].  You know she needed a support system, so I was just there."

Conrad's The View appearance was intended to promote the release of LA Candy, a new "fictional" book Conrad wrote about the behind-the-scenes story of a young girl who moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality television show

"It's inspired by [my experience on The Hills]," Conrad said.  "Because I went through it and there was this whole other story taking place off-camera and a lot of times it almost seemed, you know in our worlds, to upstage our on-camera life.  So I thought it would be interesting to tell the story that happens behind a reality show."

Going behind the camera is her new career goal, according to Conrad.

"I want to produce, that's kind of my ultimate goal," Conrad said.  "I was just always interested in the other side of it and you know we'd be filming like at a party and I would always wander into [the] 'video village' [production area] where they all sit in the room.  And I would kind of sit there and listen to them and it's just so interesting to me."

During the interview, Conrad also addressed Stephanie Pratt's recent comments that she struggled with bulimia after joining the MTV reality show's cast seeing how skinny The Hills stars are.

"A little." Conrad told Hasslebeck when asked if had ever felt similar pressures.  "I don't think it was so much a competition.  You definitely feel self-conscious.  I mean there were definitely time when we would all be at a photo shoot and I mean the girls on the show are in very good shape.  And I feel like I'm healthy, I workout, I try and eat well, but it's always -- you going to be a little self conscious when you're next to people in the bathing suit."

The alleged sex tape of Conrad and ex-beau Jason Wahler has been a point of contention between Conrad and Montag since their much publicized feud began in 2007 when Montag moved out of the apartment she had shared with Conrad to live with Pratt.

Shortly thereafter, Conrad alleged her ongoing tiff with Montag began when she and Pratt began spreading rumors about the alleged sex tape -- which she also insisted did not exist.

The saga continued in October 2007, when a blog entry on Montag's personal website -- titled "The Truth" -- stated, "Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren's sex tape."  However Montag quickly claimed the post was the result of a hacker.

Rumors about the existence of a sex tape then went into hiberation until April 2008, when Pratt appeared on both Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show and The Tyra Banks Show and insisted that a sex tape featuring Wahler and Conrad did exist at one point.

Wahler then responded by denying the existence of a sex tape.