La'Porsha Renae finished as American Idol's runner-up behind Trent Harmon, and although people viewed her as the "one to beat" all season long, she admits she saw it coming.

La'Porsha told Reality TV World on Friday what her gut was telling her as American Idol host Ryan Seacrest was about to make the victory announcement.

"I had a feeling [Trent] would be [the winner], so I prepared myself for it. When he was crowned, I was really proud. Trent deserves it. He worked very hard. He's a genuine person and a real, true artist. So, I was really proud of him," La'Porsha said.

La'Porsha then discussed whether she put extra pressure on herself to deliver perfect performances every week since she was dubbed the frontrunner of the Season 15 competition. After all, there's nowhere to go but down once you're at the top.

"I mean, you know, at the end of the day, it is a TV show and I kind of knew that being the frontrunner would have its repercussions. I think it didn't really put pressure on me; It was more like anxiousness to get a critique at some point so that I could kind of breathe a little bit," said the 22-year-old call representative from Mississippi.

"Because there were weeks I critiqued myself and I knew I didn't do as well as, you know, I could have. And it was evident, but nothing was said about it!"

After letting out a little laugh, La'Porsha continued, "But I just tried to not let it get to me. I just critiqued my own self and bettered myself and competed against only myself."

Although La'Porsha lost American Idol, she was still signed to recording contract with 19/Big Machine/Motown Records.