Kristina Schulman survived a bloodbath of cuts during Nick Viall's time in St. Thomas on The Bachelor.

Kristina is a 24-year-old dental hygienist from Lexington, KY. The beautiful 5'2" brunette with a Russian/southern accent is one of six girls remaining and pulled at heartstrings around the world when she shared the story of her difficult past with Nick.

If Kristina wasn't a frontrunner in Nick's mind at that point, she became one, because he was incredibly impressed by her ability to overcome adversity. Nick told the bachelorette that she brings color to his life, and she has the qualities he's looking for in a future wife?

But will Nick select Kristina in the end and propose? Could she be "the one" for him?

Below is a list of 10 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Kristina Schulman:

- She entered an orphanage in Russia when she was only five-years-old and lived there for almost eight years. She was adopted at age 12.

- Kristina has a small adorable dog whom she calls her "blonde best friend."

- Kristina's favorite clothing designer is herself because she ends up making her own outfit if she can't find a great one to wear for a big event.

- The bachelorette would be the fictional character, Fiona, from Shrek if given the option because she has some serious karate moves and is feisty and darling.

- Kristina admires her adoptive parents in America most in the world, saying it took courage for them to open their heart and provide her a home and life otherwise unobtainable.

- Kristina's favorite television show is American Ninja Warrior because she's amazed by what the human body is capable of and it motivates her to work out.

- The bachelorette's favorite actor/actress is Meryl Streep because she can adapt to any character assigned and do a wonderful job fulfilling that role.
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- One of Kristina's nightly reads includes the 50 Shades of Grey series by E.L. James.

- She is a Green Bay Packers fan but rooted for the underdogs in the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons.

- Kristina has eight siblings -- four are the biological children of her American parents, three are fellow adopted children, and one is her biological sister who still resides in Russia.