Kellyn Bechtold has learned to be careful what she wishes for on Survivor: Ghost Island.

Kellyn is a 31-year-old career counselor from North Manchester, IN, who currently resides in Denver, CO.

Prior to entering the game, Kellyn's worst Survivor fear was drawing a white rock at random and facing its unfortunate consequences, and on Survivor: Ghost Island, she did draw the wrong rock after a Reward Challenge and was forced to go to Ghost Island by herself.

However, Kellyn decided to play it safe on Ghost Island by opting out of a "Game of Chance" in order to keep her vote at the subsequent Tribal Council session. She proved to viewers that she makes decisions that benefit her tribe and allies.

Kellyn could make it far in the game since she's willing to forego individual advantages to maintain trust and prove loyalty, but at some point, she'll have to do what's best for her own game. In the meantime, fans can watch Kellyn embrace life after many dramatic and recent changes -- including a divorce and new career.

Curious to learn more about this castaway, who was on the right side of the vote at the last Tribal Council session?

Below is a list of 5 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Kellyn Bechtold:

- Kellyn is proud of her ever-changing career. She has worked as a waitress in Indiana, an employee at a plant nursery in Florida, and a receptionist at a crematory. And now, she holds down a job in career services and business consulting.

- The castaway has a dual MBA and Master of Public Health degree.

- If she could have brought three items to the island with her, Kellyn would've picked a bag of Skittles -- because she's addicted to candy -- a deck of cards so she could get people to play games that require deceit and attempt to read them, and tampons.

- Kellyn's pet peeves are ignorance, an unwillingness to try and walk in other people's shoes, and being interrupted by a man.

- Kellyn spent the last two years trusting her gut and trying to discover and hold onto whom she really is at her core. In the process, she went to grad school and got a divorce after deciding she wanted out of that relationship.