Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson fell in love on Big Brother's nineteenth season, so what's in the cards for this passionate couple?

Following her less-than-shocking eviction from the Big Brother house considering she had a huge target on her back for weeks, Jessica talked to Us Weekly about her romance with Cody that often defied the odds in the game.

"Regarding marriage, let's take it one step at a time," the 26-year-old VIP concierge who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, told Us. "[I] definitely see a relationship forming outside of the house."

Jessica and the former U.S. Marine, 32, hit it off right away in the Big Brother house, as they were both very attracted to each other. Cody even noted at the beginning of the game that Jessica was probably going to be a weakness for him.

"My first impression of Cody was that he was going to be really cold with no personality," Jessica confessed. "He does have a really cold exterior but I took that as a challenge and he warmed up to me."

It seems to take a lot for Cody to smile, but Jessica appeared to turn his world upside down. Cody found himself depending on Jessica for everything -- company, cuddles, support, strategy and more. The pair was inseparable in the house, and because of that, they became huge targets.

However, Cody and Jessica never betrayed each other, and Jessica has been accused of throwing away $500,000 for a showmance.

Jessica admitted to Big Brother host Julie Chen after her eviction that she gave up in the game because of constant arguments with her fellow houseguests and repeated betrayals from players she briefly considered friends, but the brunette beauty did put up a great fight for most of her time on the show.

Jessica was outspoken, feisty and determined until her strength finally ran out.

"My favorite memory was definitely the whole 'Battle Back' day. I went from winning the temptation, being on the block and surviving, seeing Cody battle it out against [Paul Abrahamian] to winning HOH and being able to keep him safe that week. It was so so satisfying, I wish I could relive it again," Jessica gushed.

Once-evicted Cody had won his way back into the game by winning a series of challenges against other previously-evicted houseguests. Jessica also saved her boyfriend from getting the boot one week by playing a "Halting Hex" temptation given to her by America.

The advantage allowed her to put a stop to one of several live evictions in case she or a close ally was ever in trouble.

Jessica and Cody didn't always get along perfectly in the house, but she wants Big Brother fans to remember their better moments together.

"The house is a pressure cooker and some of the fights we had were genuinely unnecessary so our relationship was definitely tested and unfortunately arguments in the house are public," Jessica explained.

"I don't want people to think anything more of those fight -- they were so petty and we really care about each other."

Going into the next Power of Veto competition, Cody is in big trouble. With three pawns on the chopping block, the Head of Household, Alex Ow, is planning to backdoor Cody as long as he is not randomly selected to play for the veto. If he is selected to play, there's a good chance he may win the veto and save himself.

And Jessica is definitely rooting for him. She hopes Cody will find a way to "get some revenge" and "make some really big game moves," according to Us. Jessica wants to see Cody go as far as possible on Season 19 this summer.

As for the other two showmances in the house, Jessica offered up her opinion on both of them.

"[Matt Clines] and [Raven Walton] are 100 percent a showmance. They're not going to be anything outside of the house. They're just using each other," Jessica insisted.

"[Mark Jansen] and [Elena Davies], I'm pretty sure is already over. It's interesting to see that there were very different relationships in the house. I wish Mark and Elena would stay together because I think they're great together, but we'll see."