Jeremy Crawford was eliminated from Survivor: David vs. Goliath after the Goliath Tribe lost its first Immunity Challenge during Wednesday night's Season 37 episode on CBS.

Jeremy, a 40-year-old attorney from Clover, SC, who currently resides in New York, NY, became the third castaway to leave the game on Day 9 after the Goliath tribe sent him packing through a unanimous vote at the second Tribal Council session of the Survivor season.

Jeremy, however, cast his vote for Natalie Cole, a 56-year-old publishing CEO from Los Angeles, CA.

"I'm proud of the game I played and I'm proud of the connections I made... I learned more about who I am, so for me, it was kind of a win. But if you got to go home, go home on a cold, rainy night," Jeremy said following his ouster.

During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Jeremy talked about his short-lived Survivor experience and his vote-off. Below is another portion of his interview.


Reality TV World: John Hennigan said in the latest episode he liked Natalie, really trusted her and was going to work hard to keep her. Did that surprise you?

Jeremy Crawford: It did surprise me that John said he liked her. It did surprise me that he said [he trusted her]. I don't know where that came from because it didn't seem like they spent much time together. And Natalie is a hard person to like, so yeah.

I don't know if John had the social skills where he could work hard to keep anybody though. That part surprised me more. I didn't think John was, like, a leader.

So if [Alison Raybould] said, "I like Natalie and I'm going to work hard to keep her," or [Angelina Keeley] said, "I like Natalie, I'm going to work hard to keep her," it would be more believable -- or [Alec Merlino] saying that.

So it surprised me, but I don't think John had the skillset to campaign and work to keep her, so I didn't feel threatened by him.

Reality TV World: When you ran around and told people that Dan Rengering had a hidden Immunity Idol, were you surprised the target didn't shift to Dan? Did anyone seem onboard to take him out and flush his idol?

Jeremy Crawford: I was scrambling for literally maybe 30 minutes or less than an hour before Tribal, and that was only because I started getting the sense from Alison and Angelina that something was going on.
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So for the nine days I was there -- the nine days and 22 hours -- nobody knew about Dan's idol that I had found. And I had to really talk extreme strategy and I did so with Mike.

That's why in Mike's confessional, he said I was talking strategy all the time, but I was only talking strategy with Mike. Because Mike was my only confidant and we didn't really need strategy because we kept winning.

So I was like, "We're doing all this talking, but if Natalie goes first, we'll be 12 days out before we have to draw lines and [determine] alliances." So that scene was about 30 minutes before Tribal.


Reality TV World: As viewers saw in the preview for next week, a tribal swap is coming. Was your tribe expecting a swap this soon? If they did, it would make a little more sense as to why they took you out since you were a strategic threat.

Jeremy Crawford: We were expecting it. I was 100 percent sure [it was coming] We had a lot of conversations about it. I was certain that it was coming, and my biggest intention for kicking Natalie out was that she would cross over once we got to a tribe swap.

That was my biggest thing to get out there, that we didn't trust her and we needed to stay Goliath-strong. That's what the conversation -- when I called a tribal meeting, that's what the conversation was about.

I was saying, "Don't do too many side conversations now, because if we do a tribal swap and you're doing side conversations and make an enemy on Goliath, when we do a tribe swap, we're going to lose somebody."

And that's why I said, "Don't have these side conversations and don't -- especially don't tell Natalie to her face that you don't like her and you want her out, because if we go over, we're going to need her." And that was what the tribe's meeting was about.

Reality TV World: You said you were proud of your game in your final words, but looking back, do you regret any moves or feel you made any mistakes? What about sharing the news of Dan's idol or calling the tribe meeting to begin with?

Jeremy Crawford: It's hard to believe, but truthfully, I think I played a flawless game other than that issue with mentioning John and Angelina being a showmance. No, I think I was well liked.

I think if you look at the last 30 minutes of before we went to Tribal, it looks like I'm doing a whole bunch of scheming and stuff, but if you look at the three episodes, you never saw me talk strategy. You never saw me over-play.

It wasn't until that last 30 minutes before Tribal that you're like, "Oh! He's doing all of this over-playing." That really wasn't the case. So I felt confident that I had overplayed and I felt confident that I had made connections.

I just think something unexpected happened between me and Angelina and she used that to her advantage and it worked. But it didn't have anything to do with me and Natalie.


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