Jennifer Lopez showed off her twerking talents during an appearance on "The Tonight Show."

The "American Idol" judge and "Shades of Blue" actress portrayed colorful tween Gabby, the best friend of Jimmy Fallon's over-the-top teenage girl persona, Sara, during the latest Ew! sketch on Wednesday night.

Upon entering the scene, Lopez's character showed intense teenage annoyance after finding out her dad "joined Snapchat and he friended me."

"His username is Snapdaddy123," she complained. "Can I live?!"

Later in the fan favorite Ew! skit, Fallon's character called for a talent show, during which he balanced a metal spoon on his nose. Lopez's talent was a little more involved, and after some coaxing she agreed to dance to Rihanna's newest single "Work."

Dressed in rainbow-colored garb and high pig tails, Lopez expertly twerked and shook her hips to the music before Sara's stepdad, Gary, entered the scene to crash the party.

To the duo's dismay, he too revealed he had joined Snapchat.