Jennifer Bresnan has been tapped to serve as CBS Entertainment's senior vice president of alternative programming and will head CBS' reality programming department, the network has announced.

Bresnan is replacing Ghen Maynard -- who last week left his position as CBS' executive vice president for alternative programming and entertainment content, which he had held since June 2006.

However Bresnan isn't filling the exact same position as Maynard, Daily Variety reported Monday. 

While Maynard handled new media content and worked for the CBS Paramount Network TV Entertainment Group -- and thus oversaw alternative programming for both CBS and The CW -- Bresnan will only be at CBS Entertainment and will not have any involvement with The CW. 

Bresnan had served as The CW's senior vice president of alternative programming since August 2006 and supervised the production of the network's reality programming, including America's Next Top Model and Beauty and the Geek.  She also oversaw the network's upcoming new Stylista and 13: Fear is Real reality series.

"Jen's background in developing and producing reality programming is incredibly diverse, her relationships in the creative community run very deep, and we're excited for her to start developing all types of programming in the reality genre," said CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler.

While Maynard contributed to developing Survivor, The Amazing Race and Big Brother as CBS' first reality programming executive earlier this decade, Bresnan will now have the responsibility of overseeing the shows as they move forward.

Prior to joining The CW, Bresnan also served as producer on American Idol's first season, worked as a supervising producer on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, and co-executive produced The Swan's first and second seasons.  She was also senior producer on Paradise Hotel and High School Reunion 2.