If Lauren Conrad's recent claim that The Hills' currently airing fourth season will be her last ends up being true, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are ready to take over.

"I think maybe Lauren is [sick of it].  She's been doing it for a long time -- she was doing [Laguna Beach] -- so maybe she's tired of it," said Montag during a Monday appearance on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.  "We're just beginning.  We're not even remotely sick of it yet.  This is all fun for us."

"Sometimes the narrator has to throw her hat up on the wall, retire that jersey, pass the mic," added Pratt.  "I definitely would be the first to step in line for the job."

The couple was responding to comments made by Conrad last week during an appearance on the American Idol host's radio show in which she said she thinks the fourth season will be her last.  She subsequently reiterated her swan song comments.

"The show is definitely reaching its end," Conrad told The New York Post in a Sunday report.  "It's been so amazing and I've loved most of it, but I think there is going to come a time where I need to live my life for myself and not in front of viewers. I'm young and having fun with it now, but it's not something I am going to be able to do forever, obviously."

This wouldn't be the first time Conrad has considered quitting The Hills, as she said she was "dangerously close" to not filming the show's third season because of Montag and Pratt's involvement. 

Not surprisingly, Montag told Seacrest she doesn't feel Conrad would quit the show.

"I doubt it.  I feel like she says that every season, but I don't know," said Montag.

Pratt said he hopes that -- regardless of Conrad's involvement -- The Hills will continue.

"It's my favorite show," said Pratt.  "I love it."

While Montag has previously stated she would "love to eventually do a spin-off with Spencer and I," Pratt discredited the notion.

"No," he told Seacrest when asked about a potential spin-off.  "The Hills, Season 10 is what I'm going for."