Jen Diturno a 26-year-old bartender from Columbus, OH, and Parker Somerville, a 26-year-old paparazzo from Northridge, CA, became the second "perfect-match" pair evicted from Big Brother: 'Til Death Do You Part during last night's live broadcast of the CBS reality show's second eviction.

Jen and Parker had been nominated for eviction by Alex Coladonato and Amanda Hansen, the "perfect-match" pair that had won the ninth Big Brother edition's first Head of Household competition. 

Alex,  a 24-year-old DJ company owner from Staten Island, NY, and Amanda, a 23-year-old paralegal from Fridley, MN, had nominated Jen and Parker after the house learned that Jen and Ryan Quicksall -- a 27-year-old college student that had been paired with Allison Nichols, 28-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Boston, MA -- were a real-life couple that had already been living together for the last seven months.  Feeling the relationship put the rest of the house at a disadvantage, Alex and Amanda had nominated both Jen and Parker and Ryan and Allison for eviction.

Jen and Parker were evicted by a 3-1 vote in which only one of the house's four voting pairs voted to evict Ryan and Allison.  Both Jen and Parker seemed to be expecting their eviction.

"I just want to say thank you guys so much for being smoking hot this season so we could all be in this house together," Jen had told the houseguests before Big Brother host Julie Chen revealed the voting results.  "I'm sorry that Ryan and I put you in this situation.  Alex and Amanda -- I totally understand where you're coming from, I totally would have done the same thing.  No regrets, it's okay, life goes on and I hope to see you guys at the finale."

"Thank you guys for not judging me, I really appreciate getting to know each and every one of you guys," said Parker.  "See you around."

Jen -- already previously deemed untrustful by some of the other houseguests -- appeared to have sealed her team's fate during an earlier incident in which she had attempted to campaign for the other houseguests' votes by alleging Ryan is a racist.

"I don't want to campaign against Ryan, but I just want to tell you one thing... I feel I deserve it more than Ryan does," Jen told Sheila Kennedy during a private conversation in the kitchen.  "Ryan is also racist."

"What?" Sheila, a 45-year-old single mom and former Penthouse model from Reseda, CA, responded. 

"Ryan is also racist," Jen repeated.

"Please tell me not," said Sheila.

"Don't repeat that... I shouldn't even badmouth him," said Jen.

Opting not to take her own advice, Jen then revisited the allegation during another conversation with Sheila and some more of the house's female houseguests.

"I've dated one black guy in my entire life... [and] it makes Ryan sick that I was ever with a black guy," Jen told the women. 

"I know, you told us that," said Sheila.

"Ya, ya," said Jen.

However once Sheila informed Ryan about Jen's allegations, she denied making them -- sort of.

"I said you might have a problem with me and Parker being partners because you have a race issue -- I said 'I dated a black guy and he hates that fact,' but that's all I said to [Sheila] about that," Jen told Ryan when he first confronted her about Sheila's claims that Jen had said he was racist.

Jen -- already apparently unaware of the meaning of the term -- then proceeded to confront Sheila and deny that she'd ever said Ryan was racist.

"I never said he was racist," Jen shouted after bursting into the bedroom where Sheila, Parker and Allison were discussing her comments. 

"I never said he was racist, I said he had race issues with me dating a black guy... don't try and break me and him up, because I never said that.  I never said he was a racist, you said that.  I never said he was a racist.  I told you he had issues [and] we're working through it... he'll admit it, he doesn't like the fact that I was with a black guy [but] he's not a racist.  I would be the first person to absolutely say that."

"Do you not see that show's throwing you under the [damn] bus?" Sheila shouted at Ryan after he joined the growing argument.

"You're messing with my life now man," an increasingly emotional Ryan told Jen.  "Using me as a ploy to get their vote or something?  You're [messing] up my life [outside the Big Brother house] and making me look like a racist when I'm not.  Why would you say that? You're [screwing] with my life now.  You're [screwing] with my life now outside! This isn't even about the house [anymore] this is [stuff that is going to effect me] outside the house!"

"You've made me look like a horrible racist person," Ryan told Jen during a private follow-up conversation.  "This goes way beyond this house.  Do you really need this game that bad?  You must want this game really bad."

But despite his comments, Ryan later appeared to accept Jen's explanations -- hair-splitting distinctions and all -- and reconcile with her.

"I just said you didn't agree with interracial relationships, do not worry about that," said Jen.

"You didn't say I was a racist and prejudice?" responded Ryan.

"Absolutely not," said Jen.

After Jen and Parker's eviction, the rest of the house's couples -- excluding Alex and Amanda, who as the outgoing HoH's, were ineligible to compete -- competed in the season's second HoH competition.

Dubbed "Big Brother Democracy," the "answer A or B"-style competition required the five couples to attempt to guess how the majority of the five couples would respond to six "opinion-based" questions.  Each time they answered with the majority answer, a couple would receive one point and the couple that earned the most points would become the house's next Head of Household team.

However before the houseguests had a chance to answer the first question, Julie revealed there was also a twist to the competition.

"Before you answer, you should know that whatever the majority chooses will actually happen in the house," Julie explained.  "That's right, each answer in this competition actually comes with a reward or a consequence."

James Zinkand, a 21-year-old from Sarasota, FL, and Chelsia Hart, a 21-year-old college student from Cedar Falls, IA, managed to answer every question with the majroity and became the season's second Head of Household couple. 

However due to the answers that emerged during the competition, James and Chelsia will be ruling over a somewhat hobbled household. 

In addition to having to go without hot water during the next 72 hours, the houseguests will also be without drinking cups for week and washing machines for two weeks. And the women will also have to deal with two additional burdens -- wearing a bathing suit for 24 hours and cooking dinner for the next week.  As consolation, the house will receive one "reward" -- a margarita party.
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