According to Jay Manuel and J. "Miss J." Alexander, there was little doubt as to who America's Next Top Model's eleventh season winner would be.

"I called the winner of this cycle on day one," Manuel told E! News in a Wednesday report. "I knew it."

"We both did," Miss J. added about the result of Top Model's eleventh season, which filmed over the summer. "We both knew who would win right away. It was obvious!"

"Trust me, whenever it's kind of obvious they cut it out because they don't want us to give it up, but I did call this winner," Manuel said later.

Miss J. added that while he had been more outspoken about his favorites in previous seasons, the show's producers have taught him to keep his mouth shut.

"What happens sometimes [is that] when I scream excitement over a girl she never gets chosen, because the producers think it's too obvious," he told E!. "So I don't do that anymore. I keep it to myself now."

This week's broadcast of Top Model 11's fourth episode featured the eliminations of Isis King and Hannah White and left nine girls -- Analeigh, Clark, Elina, Joslyn, Lauren Brie, Marjorie, McKey, Samantha, and Sheena -- still in the running for the show's eleventh season crown.