Kim Kardashian's Dancing with the Stars experience didn't end due to a lack of effort.  Off the dance floor, at least. 

"You know, last night on the way home I asked the driver 'Do you have a cell phone' and he was like 'Ya, I have two' [so I said] 'Can I borrow both of them because I need to make some calls, I promise they won't cost anything, it's an 800 number' and I was asking everyone to borrow their cell phones," said Kardashian during a Tuesday night Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance that followed her elimination from Dancing with the Star's seventh season. 

"I [also] had to film Keeping Up with the Kardashians -- I've been doing both at the same time -- and so last night I asked the crew 'I need about 15 minutes, everyone has to give me their cell phones, I'll pay the bills... you know it's a toll-free number just give me your phones' and I made everyone stop and vote as many times as possible... And I did make up like maybe 25 email addresses, because you can also vote online," she divulged further before laughing.

Although the show's judges had deemed her to have good potential, Kardashian and professional partner Mark Ballas became the third couple eliminated from Dancing with the Stars' seventh season based on a combination of the judges' scores from Monday night's performance episode and home viewer votes cast immediately following the broadcast.

"I feel like -- I really feel like being on that show was the greatest experience," said Kardashian. "I know you hear all these stories about how the show is this close-knit family, and you kind of just think it's a little B.S., but actually being a part of it -- it's just... it was the best feeling in the world to get to know all these amazing people, Misty May[-Treanor] -- when will I ever have had that chance?"

Kardashian said she was also glad the show gave her an opportunity to separate herself from her sisters -- and fellow Keeping up with the Kardashians co-stars -- and let home viewers see her quieter, less showy side.

"I'm with my sisters who are really wild and rowdy and loud and you know, I have done sexy photo shoots and stuff where people would assume that I am this really loud and outgoing but I'm really shy," Kardashian told Kimmel. "So I'm really glad that America got to see who I really am outside of my family and my sisters and got to see the real Kim and this was so hard for me. I can't believe I did it."

During the interview, Kimmel noted that Ballas -- who won Dancing with the Star's sixth-season with his partner Kristi Yamaguchi -- had lost his opportunity to repeat as the show's champion.

"[He's] pretty pissed at me," Kardashian said with a laugh.

However, Ballas maintained that he wasn't angry at all.

"I thought Kim had a few more weeks left in her but you know, you never know, you're never guaranteed a spot and for me," he said. "I take each week as it comes you know, and my goal is to try and make her the best she can be every week. It's not about winning for me."

He added that he had put Kardashian through the ringer by training her hard while on the show.
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"Oh yeah, we were in there anywhere from six to eight hours a day and she worked really, really hard.  I was proud of the way she danced," he said.

"Every day...  I think we took two days off," added Kardashian.

Kardashian also said that a toe injury she had sustained prior to the start of her Dancing training had not played a factor in her elimination.

"It's healed now, it didn't stop me," Kardashian said.