Jake Pavelka is still adamantly claiming that Wes Hayden and Laurel Kagay were in a romantic relationship during filming for The Bachelorette's fifth season and are also currently dating -- adding the two were "in cahoots" in getting the country music singer to appear as one of Jillian Harris' suitors.

"[Hayden and Kagay] had an agreement, and this came from Wes.  They had an agreement that they were going to put their relationship kind of on the back-burner so that he could go on there and sell CDs," Pavelka told reporters during a Wednesday conference call.

"I think Wes' motivation is to move CDs.  The guy's smart.  He's real quick on his feet.  He shouldn't of even been on there.  It's hard for me to be real sympathetic about this situation, because I know 100% -- 100% -- that he and Laurel are together, and they were together during the show.  I think it's all an act, and I think Laurel's in cahoots with him."

Monday night's The Bachelorette broadcast featured Harris being confronted by Pavelka, who returned to the show after previously being eliminated to inform her that Hayden had repeatedly told him that he did have a girlfriend going into filming.

During the visit, Pavelka identified Hayden's alleged girlfriend as "Laurel" and said he had conversations about her with Wes "more than three times."

"The conversations that Wes and I had were not, 'Hey Jake, I've got a girlfriend," Pavelka said during the conference call. 

"It was, 'Jake, I've got a girlfriend.  I don't know what to do.'  I said, 'Wes, are you in love with her?  Because if you're not in love with her, you may fall in love with Jillian.'  He said, 'No.  Jillian is not the girl for me.'  That's why it was so serious to me, because Wes had somebody back home that he cared about.  He wasn't even available to be on the show."

Pavelka said that he and Hayden "would confide in each other" frequently during filming.

"People just felt comfortable talking to me, and Wes was talking to me towards the end about going ahead and bowing out, getting out of the show," Pavelka said. 

"He had already gotten what he was looking for -- to sell CDs.  Each Rose Ceremony I would think, 'Okay, he's going to go.  He's going to go.  He's just going to go ahead and go.' Then [Harris] started sending guys home that truly were starting to feel like they might fall in love with her,  that's when I took it on my part to expose it, and I felt it was really important to help her along because she can't see it."

Pavelka said he was haunted by the fact that he didn't take the opportunity to tell Harris about Hayden and Kagay's relationship while he was still a suitor.

"I was laying in bed every morning going, 'I screwed up.  I screwed up.  I should have told her before I left.  I should have told her at that Rose Ceremony.  I should have stopped the whole thing... and said, 'You need to know something,'" said Pavelka.  "I was just kicking myself, but I thought Wes was going to bow out at that Rose Ceremony like he had told me."

However Hayden never declined a rose from Harris, leading Pavelka to let producers know what was on his mind.

"[The producers] would call me every once and a while just to make sure I was doing okay because I took it pretty hard.  It hurt because I went on there to really fall in love.  I was really giving it a good shot," recalled Pavelka. 

"One of the producers called me and I just broke down.  They said, 'What is it?'  I said, 'I still need to tell [Harris] some things.  Would there be any way that I could talk to her again?' They said, 'Well we don't do that.  What do you need to tell her?'  So I kind of ran through it with them, and with their help, they made it happen."

Pavelka said he "knew it would hurt" Harris if he told her about Hayden and Kagay's relationship, but he still decided to go through with it.

"I thought that I owed it to her," he told reporters.  "We just developed a level of respect.  I know that Jillian would have done that for me had the roles been reversed.  So I tried to treat everybody on there as I want to be treated, and what Wes did to her is wrong."

Pavelka traveled to Austin to talk with Harris and let her know about Hayden and Kagay during her hometown date with Hayden.

"I didn't want to kick Wes off.  That wasn't my goal," said Pavelka.  "But she needs to know this so that she can make the best decision about the guys she has remaining.  My goal was not to get him off.  My goal was to inform her and be there for her."

Since Harris was in the midst of waiting for Hayden to pick her up for the second part of her visit to his hometown, she confronted him about the accusations when he arrived.  As Pavelka predicted, Hayden denied the allegations -- even after Harris brought Pavelka and Hayden face-to-face.

"The most important thing to me is I went on there honorably and told the truth, and he lied to me and lied to Jillian," Pavelka told reporters. 

"He lied to me telling me he never said that -- which he did, on multiple occasions, that he had a girlfriend and her name was Laurel -- and then he lied to Jillian just stringing her along."

Harris subsequently decided to keep Hayden and send two other suitors packing at the conclusion of Monday night's episode.  Kagay has since supported Hayden, claiming the two are only friends.

"I kind of feel bad," said Pavelka about Harris' decision to keep Hayden.  "But again, I didn't go on to kick Wes off.  I went in there to inform her of the truth."

In addition, Pavelka said it was never his intention to try and win Harris' heart by calling out Hayden.

"I didn't go down there to get back on the show.  She made her decision about me and that was that," explained Pavelka.  "I had absolutely no motivation -- nothing to gain, nothing to lose by going down there, other than the fact that I would want her to do it for me."

When asked if he now regrets the decision to tell Harris about Hayden, Pavelka replied "absolutely not."

"I care about the girl.  She's just awesome.  I think the world of her.  Wes just had her snowed," said Pavelka, adding that Hayden's portrayal on the show is accurate.

"The way people are coming across on this show is how they are.  The producers aren't editing to make people look bad.  It's how they really are; it's how I would describe them in real life. It's truly reality.  Those things were said.  Wes said those things -- they didn't edit them in there."

Pavelka said he anticipates there will be some problems between Hayden and Kagay should Hayden make it far enough in The Bachelorette's fifth season to receive a "Fantasy Suite Date" with Harris.

"What I was wondering was -- when all this comes into play -- what are you going to do when it gets to the Final 2 and you guys go behind locked doors?  What are you going to do then?  Is that okay with Laurel?  Because evidently she's cleared you to kiss [Harris].  But I bet you it's not okay to do anything else," said Pavelka.

In addition, Pavelka said he decided to tell Harris about Hayden even though he wasn't the only one who knew about his relationship with Kagay.

"I don't believe in guy code.  What does that mean?  Is it lying to somebody?  I don't know what that means," said Pavelka.

Ironically, Kagay also previously dated The Bachelor eleventh-season star Brad Womack, who infamously rejected both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft during the Fall 2007 installment of the series.

Even stranger, Pavelka said Hayden, Womack and Kagay are all connected.

"Brad introduced them.  Wes told me this!" Pavelka told reporters.

Despite Hayden's alleged dishonesty with him, Pavelka said he hopes that they can eventually put the past where it belongs.

"Wes and I were pretty close on the show, and I don't think he's a bad guy.  I don't hate him," said Pavelka.  "I don't respect him lying to my face like that, but I'm hopeful at some point that we can be friends."