Jack Cassidy sang in a memorable Battle against Hunter Plake on The Voice's twelfth season this week.

Jack from Westlake Village, CA, and Hunter from Baton Rouge, LA, performed "Dancing On My Own" by Calum Scott for their Battle to hopefully win one spot on Alicia Keys' team. Both men boast similar yet very distinct sounds, and their vocals captivated all four of this season's coaches.

"I was very excited and very confident going into it," Jack told Reality TV World on Tuesday.

"When they announced what song was chosen it was a song from my list, and I was very, very pleased that Alicia gave us that song. It's a song that I've been singing for a long time and I'm a huge fan of, so I was like, 'Score!'"

After the compelling performance, Alicia called Hunter a "unique" and "intriguing internal individual," saying she'd like to peel back the layers of his mind. Jack, on the other hand, was told he has "a brilliant light" around him and the ability to fill up an entire room with his energy.

Alicia also noted that she'd love to "untame" Jack since it was clear he had to hold back a little bit during this performance to stay true to the sweet and soft song.

"When I got paired up with Hunter, I didn't really know Hunter that much. We didn't speak to each other barely at the Blinds, so I underestimated him a lot. I tell him this and he laughs," Jack revealed.

"But yes, I was very, very confident with what I had as long as my voice was healthy, because for my Blinds, my voice was a little shaky a very tired. So as long as my voice was healthy that day, I knew I would do well. But then when Hunter came out he just he knocked it out of the park! But I give a great performance as well and we just we both really blended really nicely."

Hunter and Jack's pairing proved to be a brilliant move on Alicia's part.

"I had good confidence that we were both going to advance in the moment," Jack told Reality TV World, implying that he felt the person to lose the Battle would definitely get stolen by another coach.

In "The Battle Round," Alicia, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are each allowed to steal two artists from another team. Stolen artists are typically uber-talented, memorable or have a breakthrough performance of some kind.

"I was not sure who was going to win. It could have gone either way at any turn. It became an opinion choice of style and whoever Alicia wanted to take further," Jack explained.
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In the end, Jack won his Battle, but Hunter got to choose between Adam, one of his main musical influences, and Gwen, who -- unlike Adam -- had turned around for him during "The Blind Auditions." Hunter decided to join Team Gwen since she supported him from the start.

"It was very obvious that Hunter was going to get stolen or myself if that happened," Jack noted.