The History cable TV channel and Charlotte Motor Speedway say the upcoming Nationwide Series Top Gear 300 race is being named after a show on the channel.

The NASCAR race named for History's popular car-themed series will air on ABC May 28.

Terms of the sponsorship entitlement were not disclosed.

"At first glance, pairing a television show with a NASCAR race might seem like a non-traditional sponsorship," Marcus Smith, president and general manager of Charlotte Motor Speedway, said in a statement Monday.

"But this is a perfect fit for our race fans. 'Top Gear' is a television program with risk taking behind the wheel and high-performance equipment, just like a NASCAR race at Charlotte Motor Speedway."

The U.S. version of the award-winning British program, "Top Gear," was recently renewed for a second season.

Chris Moseley, senior vice president of marketing at History, said the partnership between NASCAR and "Top Gear" is a good fit "in terms of a brand synergy and audience reach."

"It allows us to increase awareness of Top Gear with a highly targeted consumer audience whose love and appreciation of cars rival our most passionate viewers," Moseley said.