Fox has revealed the identities of the 20 culinary contestants competing on the eleventh season of Hell's Kitchen, which premieres Tuesday, March 12 at 8PM ET/PT.

The new season of the culinary reality competition will continue to follow Chef Gordon Ramsay as he judges aspiring chefs who will compete to ultimately land a head chef position working under executive chef Jeremy Berlin at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

In a Hell's Kitchen first, the 20 aspiring chefs will split up into two teams -- the Red Team will be comprised of all the women and the Blue Team will feature the men -- and present their signature dishes before Ramsay and a live audience in Las Vegas.

The winning team with the most impressive dishes overall will receive a VIP night out and concert, while the losing team must endure an eight-hour long ride back to Los Angeles on a school bus.

During Hell's Kitchen's eleventh season, the chefs will also compete in an obstacle course involving lobsters and prepare a meal for runners and athletes in the hopes of winning rewards such as a trip to wine country on a private jet and a spa day on a yacht. The losing teams will endure scaling hundreds of pounds of fish or scrubbing the kitchen in preparation for dinner service.

In the end, two chefs will square off for the title and coveted job position.

Hell's Kitchen is produced by ITV Studios America in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions, with Arthur Smith, Kent Weed and Ramsay serving as executive producers.

The 10 Red Team members who will be competing on Hell's Kitchen's eleventh season and their Fox-supplied bios are:

- Gina Aloise, a 49-year-old line cook from Bronx, NY

- Jacqueline Baldassari, a 27-year-old roundsman from Florence, NJ

- Danielle Boorn, a 33-year-old executive chef from Atlanta, GA

- Amanda Giblin, a 28-year-old executive chef from Orange County, NY

- Nedra Harris, a 24-year-old kitchen manager from Detroit, MI

- Susan Heaton, a 29-year-old culinary student from Whittier, CA

- Jessica Lewis, a 26-year-old chef tournant from New York, NY

- Mary Poehnelt, a 26-year-old butcher and cook from Belchertown, MA

- Cyndi Stanimirov, a 25-year-old head chef from Queens, NY

- Ja'Nel Witt, a 31-year-old executive chef from Houston, TX

The 10 Blue Team members who will be competing on Hell's Kitchen's eleventh season and their Fox-supplied bios are:

- Ray Alongi, a 51-year-old executive chef from Boston, MA

- Barret Beyer, a 35-year-old head chef from Long Island, NY

- Michael Langdon, a 33-year-old executive chef from Plains, PA

- Jeremy Madden, a 22-year-old lead cook from Los Angeles, CA

- Anthony Rodriguez, a 27-year-old line chef from New Orleans, LA

- Christian Rosati, a 38-year-old line cook and sandwich maker from Boston, MA

- Dan Ryan, a 27-year-old head cook from Westchester, NY

- Jon Scallion, a 27-year-old chef de cuisine from York, PA

- Sebastian Royo, a 32-year-old sous chef from Brooklyn, NY

- Zach Womack, a 34-year-old head line cook from Philadelphia, PA