Grant Kemp is competing for JoJo Fletcher's heart on the currently-airing twelfth edition of The Bachelorette.

Grant, a 27-year-old firefighter who currently lives in San Francisco, CA, made a big impression on JoJo when he won the firefighter-training Group Date and "saved" her from the top of a burning tower.

Grant told JoJo that he loves his job because he gets to save lives all the time, and the Bachelorette admired his selfless attitude and kind heart. During their alone time, JoJo also gave him a big kiss. Based on previews, there will be much more of Grant to come on the show.

Below is a list of nine facts Reality TV World has compiled about Grant Kemp:

- While he's a firefighter, he's also a model on the side. The 6'2" suitor is signed to LOOK Model Agency and is on display for the Oscar Modeling Agency.

- Grant has competed in bodybuilding competitions like many The Bachelorette suitors before him, including Ben Zorn.

- Grant attended the El Camino Fire Academy at El Camino College in California, where he got an associate's degree in fire technology. He also went through paramedic school.

- Before his current firefighting job at the Hayward Fire Department, the bachelor worked as a wildland firefighter for the United States Forest Service in 2009 and as an emergency medical technician and ambulance operator for seven years.

- He has numerous tattoos on his upper body, including a sleeve on his right arm and a "Stop At Nothing" tattoo across his chest which, ironically, concludes with a rose.

- He got out of a long-term relationship very recently before The Bachelorette began filming. "That relationship went down in flames," according to Chris Harrison.

- Grant has been accused of allegedly dumping his long-term girlfriend to chase fame on The Bachelorette.

- The suitor's most embarrassing moment? Being slapped in the face by an ex at a bar.

- Grant's favorite movies of all time are Home Alone, The Bourne Identity, and the original Ninja Turtles.

- The most outrageous thing Grant has ever done was evade police in Mexico on an ATV.