MTV's latest Real World wanna-be show, 'Sorority Life' premieres Monday, June 24th at 10:30PM. 'Sorority Life' follows a group of University of California - Davis students for 10 weeks as they pledge Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, a 4-year-old Jewish sorority that was previously little known on its own campus.

MTV rented, redecorated, lit and wired a four-bedroom home at the end of a quiet north Davis cul-de-sac, where six of the 14 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi pledges lived during the filming (wow, this show sounds even MORE REAL with each passing detail.) According to the Sacramento Bee MTV filled the house with Ikea furniture and camera crews and also put a heated pool and Jacuzzi spa out back.

But hey, at least you have to give the sisters some credit for pretty much coming out an admitting that they did it for the money and that until MTV arrived they were an independent Jewish sorority barely known on their own campus who were overrun by non-Jew media whores who wanted to get on the show.

And of course they wouldn't be true media whores if they weren't already complaining about the "woes" that came with selling themselves off to MTV.