The only thing that's certain in television scheduling is this: nothing stays the same for very long.

Fox announced that its upcoming Mark Burnett docureality series The Casino, which documents the efforts of the "dotcom millionaire" founders of (sold to Microsoft's Expedia for $105 million) to revitalize the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, will now air on Monday night at 9 PM ET/PT (following the Hawaiian drama/soap North Shore) instead of the previously-announced Tuesday night at 8 PM. Thus, the premiere episode will now be shown on Monday, June 14 instead of Tuesday, June 8.

In the premiere, the nouveau riche entrepreneurs, Timothy Poster and Thomas Breitling, are trying to close their already high-risk $215 million purchase of the Golden Nugget casinos in Vegas and Laughlin and to win the required regulatory approvals -- only to have the approvals derailed when the Nevada Gaming Control Board learns that Tim and Tom are closely tied to Vegas strip-club owner Rick Rizzolo, who is reportedly under investigation by the FBI for ties to organized crime. However, Tim and Tom ultimately prevail and begin their effort to return the downtown Golden Nugget, built in 1946 and once controlled by legendary mobster "Bugsy" Siegel, to the position of prominence that it occupied in Vegas in the days of Frank Sinatra's "Rat Pack."

On Monday, July 21, The Casino's second episode will focus on one of the human dramas in a city where you can lose your life savings in a night. High roller Geoff Mills, apparently known as "The Whale of Mandalay" in Vegas, arrives at the Golden Nugget hoping to cash in on what Tim and Tom have proclaimed to be "the best odds in Vegas," but his luck takes a turn for the worse. Driven to the brink, he oversteps his bounds during a high-stakes card game and Tim and Tom must step in to protect their newly-won gaming license. We presume that "stepping in" means that Tim and Tom shut off his credit, not that they gave him any money back...