While FOX continues to not formally announce the renewal of "Paradise Hotel" for next summer, the ongoing comments from FOX programming executives have made it clear that the official announcement of a renewal has become all but a formality. In their latest pro-"Paradise" comments during an interview with Daily Variety, Fox Entertainment president Gail Berman credited "Paradise Hotel" as a key to the success of the network's previously mentioned new year-round programming model.

In an article spotlighting the early success of the network's new "The OC" serialized teen drama, Berman said the early success of "The OC," including the decision to order a full season of the program before the fall season even officialiy begins, is proof that the network's year-round programming strategy is beginning to work. "The year-round programming model is something that's on the front burner for us," Berman told Variety, and noted that the strong start for "The OC" and the emergence of "Paradise Hotel" as a new summer reality franchise are key in making that strategy work.

"What we did is take a chance and change the paradigm," Berman said. "We attempted to get a headstart, and we said that if we came out of the summer with a hit drama, and a reality franchise we could bring back next summer like 'Big Brother,' it would be a big win for us. And that's what we've done."