Brooke White plans on using some of her summer to help save the world.

The American Idol seventh-season finalist has teamed up with Idol Gives Back and Malaria No More to launch the "Save the World Summer" campaign, which will urge kids to use their summer vacations to make a positive global impact.

"It's empowering for kids to learn how they can take simple steps to make a huge impact -- be it through providing food for a hungry family, planting a tree to combat global warming or donating a bed net to protect a child from malaria," said White, the campaign's spokeswoman.  "By learning that every individual can make a difference, they are learning what I learned through my experience on American Idol -- that anything is possible."

Inspired in part by Ryan Skarnulis, a 10-year old from Illinois who used his birthday party to raise almost $1,000 for bed nets to block malaria-carrying mosquitos in Africa, the campaign will encourage youth to use summertime activities to help make the world a better place by raising funds for Malaria No More.

In addition, the youth who raises the most bed nets for Malaria No More will receive two tickets to next spring's Idol eighth-season finale.

"This generation of American kids is the most globally-conscious and actively engaged the world has ever seen," said White. "Malaria remains the No. 1 killer of children under five in Africa, claiming more than one million lives a year including an African child every 30 seconds and I am so inspired and proud to be participating in this summer campaign. These kids amaze me and see no reason to wait until they grow up to start saving the world."

White finished as Idol's seventh-season fifth-place finisher, and she is currently participating in the show's annual summer tour

Last summer, Idol sixth-season third-place finisher Melinda Doolittle teamed up with Malaria No More and traveled to Africa with First Lady Laura Bush and assisted in the distribution of 500,000 bed nets in Lusaka, Zambia.