A new guest arrives with "tatts," 'tude and a desire to shake things up in Eden on the next episode of Forever Eden on Monday, March 15 at 9 PM ET/PT on FOX.

With Khalilah banished, the next newcomer to Eden is Jason, 26, a bartender who is originally from Chicago, IL but currently resides in Peoria, AZ.

On the Monday, March 8 episode of Forever Eden, tensions erupted between Khalilah and the other girls when they had to decide between banishing Brooke or Neveen. At the banishment ceremony, Khalilah, via a taped goodbye message, told Neveen that she could not vote against her as the other girls had, and would sacrifice herself in order for Neveen to remain in Eden. In addition, she gave Neveen her eight gold coins, making Neveen the "richest" guest in Eden.

Forever Eden is produced by Mentorn in association with A. Smith and Co. Tom Gutteridge, Arthur Smith, Charles Thompson, Bruce Toms and Kent Weed serve as executive producers.