Starring in reality TV can be bad for your career, espeically if you have some skeletons in your closet. Rob Campos, the bachelor "star" of NBC's For Love Or Money, just learned that lesson the hard way.

The Mathur Law Offices announced that it has severed its association with Rob, who has been asked to vacate his office space. The termination was announced after this week's embarrassing revelations about Rob's sexual misconduct while serving in the Marine Corps.

Rob had worked in association with the Dallas firm since December 2001, but firm owner Sanjay Mathur stated that Rob's disclosed actions were "alarming" and could lead to the firm being "perceived as unsympathetic to" its potential clients.

Once again, Rob is a free agent -- which is also likely to be his outcome on For Love Or Money, once the winning woman finds out that she can have either Rob or $1 million, but not both. We wonder if NBC now regrets its decision to film a second set of episodes before the first set aired, since, unlike the Mathur Law Firm, it has little choice except to apologize and stick with bad-boy Rob.

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