In an interview to plug his new CD, TV Guide reports that American Idol finalist Justin Guarini gives his Afro-styled hair credit for a significant portion of his success so far.

Justin notes that his "hair has helped me get in the door, along with vocals and the other stuff I do. Now, my desire is to shift people's focus away from that, toward my singing talent." The CD demostrating that talent, entitled Justin Guarini, was released this week.



Justin also noted that the best part of NOT winning the first Idol was that he wasn't the singer who had to perform "A Moment Like This." As he put it, if he had won instead of Kelly Clarkson and released that song as a single, "I don't know if I'd have a career right now!"

We congratulate Justin for his self-awareness, although we still think that the early buzz on his upcoming movie with Kelly, From Justin to Kelly, may indicate that self-awareness doesn't come across well on screen. Or maybe it's just the "Frankie-and-Annette" style plot of J2K, which no actor might be able to save.

J2K "flop watch": 8 days and counting.

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