The summer of For Love Or Money has ended, and the media tour has begun for the final couple: Erin Brodie, daughter of football and golf superstar John Brodie, and her selected boyfriend Chad Viggiano, whom she chose over Wade in the show's finale on Sept. 8. Today, Erin and Chad appeared together on NBC's Today Show and the syndicated Live with Regis and Kelly.

During the shows, Erin and Chad said they are still together as a couple, which means that they've already outlasted Joe Millionaire's Evan and Zora, who broke up almost immediately after winning $500,000 each. Although they specifically refused to state whether they had any marriage plans on either show, they do at least plan to resume dating -- which they had to suspend after For Love Or Money 2 finished filming. Erin confirmed her move to L.A. and her show-biz career goals, although she said that she wasn't sure just what she wanted to do (but she rejected starring in For Love Or Money 3!).

Oh, and they confirmed their split of the winnings ... although, taking into account the 40-year payout for the prize money, all Chad received was $244,000 (not the claimed hal-million). Erin retains $732,000 -- her $488,000 present value of winnings from For Love Or Money 1, plus half of the winnings from For Love Or Money 2 -- which means she, at least, made out better than Evan, Zora and For Love Or Money 1 star Rob Campos, who received nothing (except humiliation) after Erin rejected him.

If Erin and Chad do choose to get married, they will become only the second reality dating-show couple to do so, joining The Bachelorette star Trista Rehn and her chosen mate Ryan Sutter, who are scheduled to be married on ABC this season. (The Bachelor 3 star Andrew Firestone and his choice, Jen Schefft, are still together but do not have wedding plans at this time.) Of course, this is also only the second show where a woman has been the one choosing a potential mate. We refuse to speculate on the sociological implications of this, if it turns out to be the case --- we're sure there are plenty of other people who will do that for us.