Are you such a big "For Love Or Money" fan that you still can't get enough of the show despite the fact it's over? Did you love Wade's cowboy hat so much that you just have to have one for yourself? Did Kelly's poem touch you so much that you'd like to own the original copy? If so, here's your chance -- the cast and crew of "For Love Or Money" are running a charity auction of some series props for the benefit of the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer Awareness and Support.

Twenty-one items are currently listed in the ten-day auction that ends late next week. In addition to the above mentioned items, other listed props include all fifteen of the silver rings that Erin gave the men, all fifteen of the men's original checks (it turns out only "duplicates" were burned while the originals were kept safe for camera close-ups,) Chad's $500,000 check from Erin, and the candleholders from the Elimination Ceremony set. All proceeds from this and the other "For Love or Money" auctions will go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for Cancer Awareness and Support. For more info on the Foundation check out

On a related note, for everyone who has been sending us emails asking where they can buy the blouse Erin wore on the Reunion show, word is that it's a Dana Foley D-Ring silk top from Foley & Corinna in New York. And yes, it apparently was the same blouse worn by both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jessica Simpson at the Teen Choice Awards. And no, we don't know where she bought the black watch.