British firefighters battled a fierce blaze early Friday morning at the 5 million pound ($9.3 million) home of rock star Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon.

Life Style Extra was told that the Osbournes' 21-year old daughter, Kelly, was the only family member at home when the fire began. The fire, which is thought to have been started by a faulty lamp, raged through the Osbourne's Buckinghamshire home.

Life Style Extra reported that the blaze was caught in time largely to the credit of the 2,000 pound state-of-the-art fire alarm system recently installed by Ozzy Osbourne.

Kelly Osbourne was reportedly woken by firemen and escaped unharmed.

The incident follows other unlucky episodes at the mansion.

In 2003, Ozzy Osbourne was hospitalized after a near-fatal quad biking accident on the grounds of the home. The following year, he caught a cat burglar who made off with some jewelry. A fire also broke out at the mansion in 2005.

A friend of Ozzy Osbourne's said: "He thinks the place is bloody cursed. He is wondering if a plague of locusts will be next."