Jasmia Robinson's journey on Top Model's American edition came to a quick end for the 24-year-old British model from London, England during last Wednesday night's broadcast of America's Next Top Model: British Invasion's first episode on The CW.

On Friday, Jasmia talked to Reality TV World about her America's Next Top Model: British Invasion's experience and early ouster from the competition -- including whether she was shocked to be eliminated or had a feeling she'd be the first contestant to go, why she believed the judges didn't get to know her well enough, in what way she saw history repeat itself while competing on reality TV, and whether she thought her performance at the iconic figures photo shoot was representative of her full potential as a model.

Below is the first half of our exclusive interview with Jasmia. Check back with Reality TV World on Wednesday for the second portion.

Reality TV World: Were you shocked to be eliminated, or based on your photo shoot and the feedback you had gotten from Jay Manuel and some of the other models, did you somewhat see it coming beforehand?

Jasmia Robinson: I was so shocked. I mean, the day before the elimination, I started actually unpacking more of my stuff because I didn't think I was actually going anywhere.

Once I was onset of the photo shoot, I was concentrating a little bit too hard, but there were so many elements going on around you from fixing cameras, the models, production -- also jumping on the trampoline with a guitar was quite challenging.

I felt that when the judges were giving me their opinion and their critique on my shot, that I knew they weren't happy with it. But I felt that due to the fact of my runway, and I still felt that some of the other shots were a little bit weaker as well, I didn't think that would happen.

Reality TV World: It was made pretty clear during the premiere episode that the judges disliked both your and Ashley's photos but they kept Ashley in the competition because they thought she had a great personality. So what other emotions were you experiencing after your elimination besides surprise? Were you angry or frustrated? Because I'm sure you thought you had a great personality as well but maybe just didn't have enough time to showcase that to the judges.

Jasmia Robinson: Yeah, definitely. Yeah, no, I didn't have enough time to showcase my personality. Even on the elimination, when we were up in front of the panel, I thought it was such an honor to be in front of them, I didn't want to chat back and state my case. I just really wanted to listen to their critique, so I felt like I didn't show my personality then while in front of them.

But I mean, I was more disappointed, shocked and startled because I wanted to [go further] in the competition. So it was more disappointment they didn't see my personality. They just needed to see more of my personality in another episode.

Reality TV World: There seemed to be many photos that the judges didn't like, as there were only maybe two or three they actually praised as being great work. So in other words, it didn't seem like your photo really stood out as being that much worse than the other girls' pictures. So did you ever get a better explanation about why you were eliminated? Do you have any insight as to why the judges let you go so soon?

Jasmia Robinson: They didn't give me any information other than it was about the photo, and also, I gathered from the whole comment made about personality that it had something to do with that. But me personally, I've seen it as being a TV program as well... people either liked you or they didn't.
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I wasn't given any more explanation of why I was eliminated other than the comment which was made from [Tyra Banks] about my personality. There wasn't enough time anyway, because I mean, there's 14 girls in the house. I don't feel that there was enough time for them to actually get me to come out of my shell.

And I felt like some of the stuff wasn't shown, like I connected and was having fun with the girls in the house. So, I feel like they didn't see my personality a ton, but when I was in the house, I was having fun with the girls and they were teaching me stuff. I was teaching them things and I was having fun. There was no more of an explanation.

Reality TV World: You were in the bottom two during your first week on Britain's Next Top Model as well but you survived. So was the experience on America's Next Top Model deja vu for you a little bit?

Jasmia Robinson: Yeah, I just thought, "No way am I in the bottom two again!" But I didn't think that was going to come true, so yes. It was quite a bit of a shock and even with the British one, when I was in the bottom two at the first elimination, they had said the reason why I stayed was that they felt like my personality shined more.

So, it's quite shocking that on America's Next Top Model, they say that my personality didn't shine through. But you know, the fact is, it's always going to be really hard to get yourself heard anyway.

Reality TV World: Although you were in the bottom two the first week of Britain's Next Top Model, you ended up making it all the way through the competition and placed third. So did it worsen the blow of your elimination knowing if you had gotten a second chance you possibly could've made it to the end again based on your potential and how things turned out for you before? Did you feel like you got robbed a little bit because you were capable of doing so much better?

Jasmia Robinson: Oh definitely, I mean, the photo shoot in general was very difficult when I was John Lennon. He wasn't someone who was iconic to me growing up, like my parents listened to reggae and soul, so it was very different.

I felt like I had a strong but very hard character to play, and I do feel a little bit -- robbed is maybe a bit of a strong word -- but you know, I definitely think that they made a little bit of a mistake, because I definitely would have shown them more if I could've handled it. I would have loved to.

I've worked as a model. I believe in my ability, and I think that if I had been given a second chance, I probably definitely could have turned it around. They would have seen so much of my personality and I would have given it my all and get a good shot at the next shoot. So yeah, I do feel like I could have been given more of a chance.

Reality TV World: So it sounds like if you were given a different iconic figure to represent like say, Madonna or Queen Elizabeth I, etc, you think you might have done a little bit better at the photo shoot?

Jasmia Robinson: I do feel John Lennon was really hard to do in general. I had the guitar -- my clothing wasn't that great. I think it was just a hard shoot, but I definitely think I tried my very best with that shot as well. I gave options and different poses, so you know. I definitely think I had a lot more potential and I felt like some of the other pictures of some of the other girls were weaker than mine.