Ashley Brown, a 5' 8" 22-year-old from Armadale, Scotland, became the fifth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model: British Invasion during a recent broadcast on The CW.

Ashley, one of the five remaining British contestants, was eliminated after Top Model's judges reviewed the photos the season's remaining 10 finalists had taken at their fifth photo shoot challenge, which required them to pose in leaves while being covered in maple syrup in front of the distillery district -- which was the historic part of downtown Toronto, Canada.

Ashley recently talked to Reality TV World about her America's Next Top Model: British Invasion experience.

[Editor's note: Due to a poor phone connection and Ashley's accent, significant portions of Ashley's comments were unfortunately not transcribable. Our apologies for the limited transcript.]

Reality TV World: Were you shocked to be eliminated, or based on how you rated your own performance during the photo shoot, did you somewhat see it coming beforehand?

Ashley Brown: I kind of expected that I was going to get eliminated just because I had done so bad at the castings, and so I knew if I did badly at the photo shoot, I'd basically be going home.

So because of the combination, I kind of got it in my head that, "Okay, well, you're going home. You're going home," so that when it actually came to the judging, I wouldn't feel [surprised] if they were to tell me I was going home.

Reality TV World: So were you upset the judges didn't give you a second chance based on how much potential you thought you had in the competition? Did you feel like you got robbed a little bit? Because during your run on Britain's Next Top Model, you ended up finishing fourth, so it seems like you were capable of doing quite well in the competition.

Ashley Brown: I was just thinking I'd get past the first elimination, so even though I got eliminated, I wasn't really trusting in myself that I'd make it so far, because I ended up making it really far from what I was thinking. 

Reality TV World: You, Seymone and Katherine all didn't book any jobs at the castings. Why do you think that was and do you think the other two girls had any similarities to you when it came to what you all needed to work on? Did you ever get a better explanation as to why you didn't get booked for anything?

Ashley Brown: I think the reason why was just because of my walk, obviously my walk. They thought it was quite hippy, so I'm guessing it was because my hips were moving from side to side too far... I have to practice... I wasn't what they wanted on the catwalk.

Reality TV World: You said yourself that you wished you could be AzMarie and many of the other models, like Sophie, believed she was their biggest competition and should be in a competition all by herself. So did you feel like it was almost game over due to the fact you were competing against AzMarie?
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Ashley Brown: When challenges come, everybody is good at their own thing. But AzMarie was so straight in the way she walks and she's unbelievable.

Reality TV World: Who else besides AzMarie did you believe was your biggest competition and why?

Ashley Brown: I think they all are amazing to all be on a show like that. I'd say Sophie and... Annaliese... I've watched her in castings and shoots and she is amazing. Alisha as well.

Reality TV World: How did you feel about Kyle's desire to quit the competition and then decide to stay? Do you think Kyle should've just left or do you respect her for staying? 

Ashley Brown: Well obviously everybody has their ups and downs in competition, but each to their own. Kyle [can] change her mind.

Reality TV World: What was your reaction when Louise chose to quit?

Ashley Brown: I was actually a little upset because Louise is so beautiful and great and she could've went far in the competition and I just think she's a really good model. So I was pretty upset.

Reality TV World: This week's episode showed Seymone in a pretty bad mood because she didn't get cast for any of the jobs, and at one point, she said she just didn't even care. What was your reaction to that and do you think her behavior at the time was justified or appropriate?

Ashley Brown: Every handles situations differently, but no. I felt like she shouldn't have been angry because what's done is done. I can see where she's coming from and she thought she'd be going home. I can understand that.

Reality TV World: Seymone had been in the bottom two a couple times this season, but the judges kept giving her second chances because they thought she had a great personality and just needed a little more experience. Do you feel like the judges really liked Seymone or might've had a little favoritism towards her for any reason?

Ashley Brown: No, I don't think so. Seymone had no prior modeling experience and she got through the first few cuts of America's Next Top Model, which is amazing.

Reality TV World: Did you notice any bias amongst the judges since they are American or did you think everyone was being judged pretty fairly?

Ashley Brown: I think the competition is really fair actually. I think if you've done bad, you end up in the bottom. So it's not biased at all.

Reality TV World: What was your reaction when they first approached you about appearing on America's Next Top Model? Were you hesitant to give it a shot or completely excited about the opportunity?

Ashley Brown: I was completely excited. The thought of being on America's Next Top Model was so amazing to me. I thought, "Wow, to get this type of chance is unbelievable."

Reality TV World: How much success were you having as a model in the U.K.? What experience did you have prior to America's Next Top Model besides being on the U.K. version of the show?

Ashley Brown: To be honest, I didn't have much experience before America's Next Top Model... I think that was my problem and I think that's why I got sent home.

Reality TV World: What were your thoughts on Alisha and Sophie while you were on the show? Did you like them and get along them? Because they seemed to be the most outspoken about their opinions and how they wanted to defeat all the American girls until there were none left. 

Ashley Brown: (Laughs) I can see where they're coming from. I had no problem with either of them.