Former American Idol fourth-season finalist Mikalah Gordon feels that if Joanna Pacitti was disqualified from the show's eighth-season then current semifinalist Adam Lambert also should have been ruled ineligible to compete -- however she's apparently unfamiliar with the reason why Pacitti was given the boot.

"I really like Adam Lambert. The only thing I was kind of bummed about with how they sent Joanna home with the disqualification when she entered the Top 36, and then they replaced her with Felicia Barton," Gordon told during a Monday interview.

"But my issue is that allegations state that [Pacitti] had a record deal previously and she had tracks on the Legally Blonde soundtrack. But I feel like if you're going to disqualify her, then you should probably disqualify Adam Lambert, too. Because he was in Wicked and he's coming in with his very own fan base. It's kind of the same idea to me, you know? Although he didn't have a record deal, he's coming in with a huge fan base from Broadway. So, it's kind of like where do you draw the line? And I felt bad because I really liked Joanna and I thought she was really great."

The problem with Gordon's logic is that, according to Fox, Pacitti wasn't disqualified due to her prior professional experience.  Although Fox initially dragged its feet on revealing exactly why Pacitti was deemed "ineligible to continue in the competition," she was disqualified due to her previous relationships with two executives at 19 Entertainment -- which is run by Idol creator Simon Fuller and produces the show with FremantleMedia North America.

Fox reality chief Mike Darnell subsequently confirmed Pacitti was disqualified because of a "perceptional problem" around there being "too close a connection between" her and the production company's employees.

Gordon was the second finalist eliminated from Idol's 2005 fourth season and can currently be seen in American Idol Rewind's repackaged broadcasts of the Fox mega-hit's fourth edition.

"It's my season and it's great, because now it's showing some of the behind the scenes and some of the bloopers and the funnier moments that you didn't get to see on the actual live show," said Gordon during the interview. 

"It's also Carrie Underwood's season before Jesus took her wheel, so it'll be nice to see. And I'm not being biased, but Season 4 was really, really great, so just go watch it."
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.