Now that Michael Sarver has finished performing on the American Idols Live! concert tour, the former eighth-season finalist is focused on recording his debut album.

"I signed with Dream Records/Universal, and we're working on a country album," Sarver told Steven F. Austin State University's The Pine Log newspaper in its November 16 issue.

"I've got a single coming out (at) the end of November, and it's amazing because I got to write it. I've always thought [I would get to write] my first song, and that's exactly what's happening; and then the album will come out next year."

The 27-year-old from Jasper, TX -- who was the fourth finalist eliminated from American Idol's eighth season in March -- said he already has two songs "completely recorded" for the album.

"It's just moving on to the selection process," he told The Pine Log. "We actually don't have every song for the album picked out, so we're still in the picking world which is fun because you listen to different ideas and I've been writing like crazy."

While not all of the album's songs have been selected, Sarver said he recently had the opportunity to perform its first single -- "You Are" -- a few weeks ago in Los Angeles.

"Anyone could have looked on Twitter that night and found out what people thought about it. The response was unbelievable, somebody actually called it 'epic,' so it's pretty incredible," he told The Pine Log.

"I think the song went over well, not because of how I sang it, because I actually was rough that night, I was really under the weather. We'd been recording so much my voice was tired, but it was amazing because fans saw through that and saw the message and the point of the song and people would tweet me about how that was the story of their life and that's amazing because that's why we write music, that's the whole point of this thing. It's a way to say what other people feel in an avenue that they can't say it so it got a lot of great responses and I think it's going to do well."

In addition to working on his debut album, Sarver revealed he's embarking on a Christmas tour with former eighth-season semifinalist Alexis Grace, seventh-season finalist David Hernandez and sixth-season finalist Gina Glocksen -- which begins December 2 in Lakeland, FL.

"It's a smaller tour which I'm actually excited about. It's going to be more intimate, performing arts theatre-type situations and it's going to be a whole lot more about the music, not so much about the show," said Sarver, referring to American Idol Live!.

"The show is fun, I enjoy it, I can't wait until my next arena tour, but when you get the chance to do something more intimate, like performing arts theatres, it's really cool and I will be performing my single 'You Are' every night on that tour."

Sarver added the upcoming tour will also feature "everybody's favorite Christmas songs" and "original stuff" from himself, Grace, Hernandez and Glocksen. Before he leaves for it, Sarver said he plans to keep a low profile and work on his own music while also spending time with his wife and two kids.

"I'm working on the album, and I'm still just trying to stay as private as possible, other than my career and conversations about that," he told The Pine Log. "But after going through over a year process of American Idol, I just needed a little breathing room. I want to do this thing, this is my life, this is my choice of career, but when I'm home in Jasper, I like to chill out."
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In addition, he's also anticipating a tour to promote his new album.

"There (will) be some gigs and different things coming up after the first of the year and you guys will hear about it," he told The Pine Log.

"There's several artists on the record label and we'll be doing some things together, but as far as a solo tour, there could be talks right now about a tour next year, at the end of next year, possibly the fall. You never know what will happen with Michael Sarver. And I will tell you this, I'll never quit working, I'll never stop this thing called music so you'll be hearing from me all the time."