Haley Scarnato was constantly complimented for having nice legs as an American Idol sixth-season finalist, and she's putting them to good use in high-stepping away from an apparent stalker.

The 25-year-old has been forced to leave her current home in Nashville, TN due to a stalker, Access Hollywood reported Wednesday.

"That's probably the main reason why I'm leaving," she told Access Hollywood.  "I've had a few scary moments at the house."

Scarnato -- the Idol 6 eighth-place finisher -- is moseying back to her native San Antonio, TX after several alarming situations raised a red flag that it might be time to leave Music City.

"I just had some break-ins and some notes and stuff like that. [I've had] stuff taken," she explained to Access Hollywood.  "I'm completely by myself and I just am scared."

After participating in last summer's Idol 6 cross-country tour, Scarnato relocated to Nashville to work on a country album. 

While participating in the Fox mega-hit presumably made her a more recognizable target for obsessed fans and ultimately led her to leave Nashville, Scarnato feels Idol will do more good for her than harm in the long run.

"Idol just opens so many doors," she told Access Hollywood.  "We have a name now and we can actually call people and network and they're like, 'Yeah! I want to hear her stuff.' It's just really great because any other time they'd be like, 'No thank you.'"
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