Bernardo Salazar's big heart cost him a chance at becoming The Biggest Loser.

The 27-year-old teacher and Chicago Bulls dancer from Chicago, IL became the fourteenth contestant cut from The Biggest Loser: Couples during last night's broadcast of the NBC reality show's fifth season.

"I am extremely proud of what I accomplished here on campus," said Bernie following his ouster.  "I learned how to exercise, eat healthy -- but more importantly -- I just learned that you have to take time for yourself.  I feel like I have an entirely new life... This is just the beginning of my journey.  By no means is it over.  I'm going to see this through."

The Biggest Loser: Couples tenth episode began following the previous elimination of Mark Kruger, with Blue Team trainer Bob Harper commenting how the squad's three remaining members made it feel "like a funeral."

"It was the biggest shock," said Bob on Mark's ouster, instead expecting Roger Schultz to be given the boot.

The Biggest Loser host Allison Sweeney then met the seven remaining contestants in the campus' kitchen for a Temptation Challenge.  Each contestant would have the opportunity to solicit The Biggest Loser vending machine, which was filled with unhealthy food; packs of gum that had various monetary values attached to them; and a one-pound weight-loss pass for the next weigh-in.

Contestants randomly received contents from the vending machine regardless of which buttons they pushed and could make as many selections as they wanted, however they had to eat whatever junk food they got.  In addition, once a contestant received the one-pound pass they were required to quit.

Roger went first and received a $1,000 pack of gum, a bag of chips and the one-pound pass.  He was followed by Dan Evans, who received 1,100 calories worth of junk food before hitting the jackpot and collecting $9,500.  Jay Kruger and Maggie King each received the one-pound pass on their first selection at the vending machine, while Brittany Aberle also received the pass after eating 440 calories worth of candy.  Bernie received the pass after eating 250 calories and collecting $2,500.

Kelly Fields was the most unlucky contestant at the vending machine.  She ate 870 calories worth of junk food and didn't receive any money or the one-pound pass.

"I'm embarrassed," said Kelly.  "That's a ton of calories with nothing to show for it."

Kelly further explained she felt "vulnerable" since she's the "odd man out" on the Black Team because Maggie, Bernie and Brittany are so close.  She went to the gym to shed the extra calories she just consumed.

As The Biggest Loser player-of-the-week at the previous weigh-in, Bernie ascended the hill to receive his reward.  While he toyed with the idea of selecting the family envelope, he decided to go with game play and was rewarded with the ability to give immunity to any player besides himself at the upcoming weigh-in.
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The seven remaining contestants then met The Biggest Loser third-season contestant Dr. Jennifer Kerns, The Biggest Loser second-season contestant Jeff Levine, and Dr. Robert Huizenga, all of whom updated them on the progress they've made so far on campus.

The two teams then met Allison at a huge ravine for a Reward Challenge, and she explained the rules. 

One at a time, members from each team would be given five minutes to pull themselves across a 500-foot canyon while suspended high in the air.  Each contestant had to grab as many flags as they could in the allotted time, with the team that collects the most flags claiming reward.  The winning team would receive the opportunity to ride in the cockpit of a fighter jet.  Since the Black Team had an extra member, Maggie sat out.

Bernie was the first to go for the Black Team and Roger was the first to go for the Blue Team.  Bernie was able to grab 14 flags -- the maximum -- while Roger grabbed 13.  Jay was able to collect all 14 flags for the Black Team on his turn, while Kelly was only able to collect 10 flags.  That would ultimately be the difference since both Brittany and Dan each collected 14 flags, meaning the Blue Team had won reward.

Both teams then hit the gym for their last-chance workouts, and afterwards, the Black Team inquired as to what Bernie received as player of the week.  He explained his prize.

"I'd probably, most-likely give it to Brittany," he said before they discussed their options of how to better use the immunity.

"I was thinking that we've always thought Dan and Roger our are biggest threats [on the Blue Team]," suggested Kelly.

"I was thinking along the lines of what your saying, which is if we give it to Jay, either Roger or Dan will have to go," answered Bernie.  "The hope is Dan takes [player of the week and is immune], Jay has immunity and Roger -- the biggest threat on that team -- is gone."

The Biggest Loser: Couples' tenth weigh-in then commenced and the Black Team's plan immediately went down the drain when Allison informed everyone that this would be the first weigh-in where they compete as individuals. 

The two contestants with the lowest weight-loss percentage would find themselves below the yellow line and thus be up for elimination.  In addition, Allison said there'd be no more player of the week and asked Bernie who he wanted to use his immunity on.

"I would like to give immunity to Brittany," he said.  "We've been here quite a long time, and no matter what happens tonight I want to make sure she's here another week."

Since she was immune from elimination, Brittany was the first to step on the scale.  She started the week at 179 and lost five pounds for a 3.35% weight-loss percentage.

"Words cannot describe how happy I am," said an emotional Brittany about Bernie's gift.

Kelly started the week at 212 and lost six pounds for a 2.83% weight-loss percentage; Jay began at 221 and dropped seven pounds for a 3.62% weight-loss percentage; Roger started at 268 and shed nine pounds for a 3.73% weight-loss percentage; Maggie began at 190 and lost six pounds for a 3.68% weight-loss percentage; Dan started at 219 and dropped eight pounds for a 3.65% weight-loss percentage; and Bernie began at 201 and shed six pounds for a 3.48% weight-loss percentage.

Kelly and Bernie were both below the yellow and would be up for elimination -- however had Bernie decided to use the immunity on one of the other contestants or not use it all -- Brittany would have been below the yellow line instead of him.

"I wouldn't change it.  I wouldn't change it for the world," said Bernie.

Bernie immediately began to pack his belongings and Brittany was emotionally having a hard time isince Bernie saved her skin.

"Bernie has been my partner since Day 1," said Brittany.  "It's just hard to be in this situation where my partner gave me immunity but now he's up for elimination.  It kills me.  It really does."

The former Blue Team members were ecstatic since the three of them each got to cast an elimination vote while only Maggie and Brittany were able to vote for the former Black Team -- meaning Dan, Jay and Roger would basically be able to decide whether Kelly or Bernie was booted.

Bernie point-blank asked Dan, Jay and Roger who'd they be voting for, and they answered by saying they were still unsure.  Roger then told Kelly she's "absolutely 100%" a bigger threat than Bernie.

"Right now, I'm not optimistic," said Kelly, fully expecting to be ousted.  "My back's been against the wall for nine weeks.  It's a bad spot."

Dan explained both Bernie and Kelly as threats, with Bernie "consistently pulling great numbers" while Kelly "has more weight to lose" in the long run.

The seven remaining contestants than gathered to cast their elimination votes.  Brittany and Maggie both voted to boot Kelly, however Dan, Jay and Roger opted to oust Bernie and he was sent packing.

"Brittany and I met here on campus.  We were the last of the couples.  We challenged each other," said Bernie after his elimination was revealed.

The Biggest Loser: Couples' next episode will air Tuesday, March 11 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.