Wes Hayden claims he is being pursued about a potential return to television.

"I've actually got something going on right now that's on NBC. They want me on just because of the popularity that I had from ABC," the rejected The Bachelorette fifth-season suitor told tvguide.com in a Wednesday report.

"There's something cooking in the works and you just might say."

While Hayden's manager stated his client has "been approached by a network for another opportunity," he would not confirm if that network was NBC.

"It's too early to tell," manager Buck Judkins told tvguide.com.

NBC did not return tvguide.com's request for comment.

Hayden appeared as one of Jillian Harris' suitors during The Bachelorette's fifth season earlier this year, however he found himself in hot water with Harris when fellow suitor Jake Pavelka claimed Hayden had a girlfriend back home and was simply on the show to further his career as a musician.

Hayden denied the accusations when confronted by Harris and Pavelka before he was eventually eliminated after her hometown dates. Both Hayden and the alleged girlfriend -- Laurel Kagay -- subsequently denied they were in a relationship before the show began filming.

Earlier this week, ABC formally announced that Pavelka will serve as The Bachelor's upcoming star when the fourteenth season of the reality dating series premieres in January.

While Hayden's potential television project doesn't even have a home yet, he's apparently already pondering the possibility of going toe-to-toe with Pavelka.

"Me and Jake with the feud on The Bachelorette... it might be weird to see Jake on ABC and Wes on NBC," he told tvguide.com.