Apparently Beg, Borrow and Deal was as popular with ESPN viewers as it was with summary writers on the RTW message boards. Hollywood Reporter reports that the series will be returning in fall 2003, for a run from Miami to Mount Rushmore.

In addition, ESPN will launch an American Idol-like competition for aspiring sportscasters entitled Dream Job. Contestants will compete in four categories: play-by-play, sideline reporting, interviews and voiceovers. The winner of the competition will be awarded a one-year contract with ESPN's SportsCenter. Entry details have not yet been determined.

According to the article, ESPN's high licensing fees have become a point of contention with cable networks, and ESPN has been trying to develop original programming to keep justifying those fees. As for us, we still remember the simpler days of Australian rules football (also known as "kill-the-man football") on ESPN.

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