Elizabeth Berkley is reportedly ready to help empower young girls via a new reality series.

The Step It Up & Dance host and her husband Greg Lauren are working with MTV to develop a new reality series based on Berkley's self-empowerment workshops for adolescent girls, The Hollywood Reporter reported Friday.

"She does these workshops around the country with teen girls and gets them to really open up about their issues, like self-esteem and body issues," MTV development executive Amy Bailey told The Reporter. "We had been looking for a program that tackled the same issues, so it seemed like a perfect match."

The series is tentatively titled Ask-Elizabeth -- the name of Berkley's workshops and companion website. 

Through Ask-Elizabeth, Berkley has volunteered her time at schools and youth organizations around the country for the last two-and-a-half years by facilitating workshops that help empower girls between the ages of 11 and 17.

She approached MTV about the idea for the series, which is being developed by the network's News & Docs division, according to The Reporter.

"It'll be more than just films of her workshops," Bailey told The Reporter. "It'll probably be more verite, where we'll film with Elizabeth and girls around the country in their own hometowns and watch as the events unfold."

MTV is hoping to film a pilot for the series this fall, Bailey told The Reporter.

In addition to serving as the host for Bravo's Step It Up & Dance reality series this past spring, Berkley also has a recurring role on CBS' CSI: Miami.  She also recently wrapped production on the films S. Darko and The Butler's in Love.