In its upcoming new reality series "High Maintenance 90210," E! Entertainment Television is exposing the lives of Californian domestic workers.

The Hollywood Reporter said the reality TV series, premiering on E! Jan. 1, will offer viewers a glimpse into the lives of those who serve the ultra-wealthy and overly demanding residents of Beverly Hills, Calif.

The six-part series will be headed in part by executive producer Kevin Burns, who also headed up the networks' successful Playboy-based series, "The Girls Next Door."

"Our new series combines a voyeuristic look at the ultra-rich with executive producer Kevin Burns' comedic wit," E! exec Lisa Berger explained. "Two of the biggest success stories at E! have been 'Dr. 90210' and 'The Girls Next Door.' We believe that this is a winning combination, and we hope that viewers will agree."

The paper said the series from the Bubble Factory and Prometheus Entertainment will also garner the support of executive producer Jon Sheinberg, who has produced such films as "For Richer or Poorer" and "Hard to Kill."