Duck Dynasty stars Jep Robertson and Jessica Robertson introduced their new adopted baby boy during Wednesday night's two-episode premiere of the spinoff Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty.

Jep and Jessica: Growing the Dynasty will chronicle the couple's journey as they finalize the adoption process, which ultimately enabled them to take home their son Jules "Gus" Augustus.

Jep decided to gush about "Gus" on Twitter Thursday morning following the debut of their eight-episode spinoff.

"Thanks for the love! This has been a crazy, awesome ride but so worth it! Me and Gus signing out! #JepAndJessica," he captioned a photo of himself with the newest addition of their family.

Jep and Jessica have four other children together: Lily, Merritt, Priscilla and River.

"It's like such a surreal moment, to finally have him in our arms," Jessica said on the show, according to E! News. "We waited so long and wanted this to happen for so many years, so to actually have him and hold him and know that he's ours and we're his forever family, we're excited."

Earlier this month, Jep's brother Willie Robertson and his wife Korie Robertson announced they adopted a son as well -- a grown boy.

"We've had lots of questions about the cute kid popping up in our photos lately. We are excited to be in the process of adopting a new son!" Korie captioned a family photo on Instagram. "He's been with us since May, but we wanted some privacy and time for him and our family to bond before telling the world (It's a bit of an adjustment coming into this big, crazy family, ha)."

Willie and Korie share Rebecca Lo Robertson, 27; John Luke Robertson, 20; former Dancing with the Stars finalist Sadie Robertson, 18; and Willie Jr. and Bella Robertson, both 13-years-old.

Rebecca Lo joined the family at age 16 as a foster child in 2004. She began appearing on Duck Dynasty during its fifth season. Willie Jr. was also adopted, but he entered the family as a baby.

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