Duck Dynasty is coming to an end.

A&E has announced Duck Dynasty will not return after its currently-airing season. The Robertson family shared the news in a video clip that aired following Wednesday night's premiere of Season 11.

"We've got an unbelievable announcement for ya'll. This will be our final season," Si Robertson said.

"After five years, we decided as a family that this is going to be the final chapter of the Duck Dynasty series," Jase Robertson explained.

"This is going to be our best season yet, and you might see us in a special or two," Korie Robertson said of what fans can expect to see once the series concludes.

"May God bless each and every one of you," Si noted.

Duck Dynasty will run through January 18, 2017, and then after a brief hiatus, seven final episodes of the series will air between March 1 and April 12 of next year, according to Entertainment Weekly. The extra special or two that Korie mentioned will reportedly be holiday episodes.

Duck Dynasty debuted in March 2012 and became a massive hit. The family, however, has been plagued with controversy and criticism over some of the relatives' extreme religious and social views, especially the eldest outspoken male, Phil Robertson.  
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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