Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane "Dog" Chapman is unharmed despite being shot at by a fugitive he was trying to apprehend on Tuesday night.

Chapman and bail bondsman Bobby Brown, his frequent collaborator, were allegedly fired upon by 35-year-old fugitive Hoang Nguyen as they pursued Nguyen in Colorado Springs, CO on Tuesday evening, the Colorado Springs Gazette reported Wednesday morning.

Nguyen, who was wanted by authorities after having his bond revoked, allegedly fired a handgun at Chapman and Brown after they tracked him down at an apartment building, according to police reports.   

Nguyen subsequently fled the scene on a motorcycle.  Neither Chapman nor Brown were harmed in the incident, which took place around 7:15PM local time.

Numerous onlookers then gathered at the scene, "making the investigation difficult," Colorado Spring police told the Gazette.

Chapman's team was armed only with paintball-like guns that only fire peppy spray guns, according to police.

"You train for 36 years for what to do when you're shot at," Brown told the Gazette. "You're never prepared for it until it happens."

Chapman and his team tracked Nguyen down again and arrested him without incident again at about 1:30AM Wednesday morning, according to the Gazette.

Dog the Bounty Hunter's camera crew was reportedly with Chapman's team at the time of the incident but told police they had not filmed the shooting.