Jessica Simpson would not confirm she is dating singer John Mayer, but was all smiles at her New York CD release party, saying "I have no clouds anymore."

Simpson was celebrating her new CD, "A Public Affair," Tuesday night at a party thrown by Yahoo, when asked by Extra! about a new relationship with Mayer.

"I'm trying to keep my private life private," the pop singer said.

"That's a first time in my life," she laughed.

At the MTV Music Awards, she said she knew there was a possibility of running into her ex-husband Nick Lachey, but said there would be no problem if that were to happen.

"I have no clouds anymore," she said. "They're rolling away, there's always a brighter day."

Joe Simpson, Jessica's father, told Extra! the family is still friendly with Lachey.

"We want him to be totally successful. We have no battle," Joe Simpson said. "He's a part of our family, and we've shared things together, and Jessica will always love him."