Discovery Channel has announced Dirty Jobs' fourth season, which will continue to follow host Mike Rowe as he explores some of the nastiest professions on the planet, will premiere on Tuesday, January 8 at 9PM ET/PT.

Dirty Job's fourth-season premiere episode will find Rowe as he's literally elbow-deep in grease when he visits a Georgia barbecue establishment to learn how the smoked meat is made.  From there he'll head to Montana to work as an apprentice for a veterinarian who deals with larger animals such as horses and llamas.  Rowe's final destination will be New Jersey, where he'll rush to excavate oil tanks before a large rainstorm moves into the area and threatens to fill the sludge-filled space he's working in.

Additional unpopular and unpleasant professions Rowe will undertake during Dirty Jobs' fourth season will include fishing for slime eels; cleaning up dark caves; demolishing barges; making shingles; and harvesting cranberries.

Prior to its fourth-season premiere, Discovery Channel will air a Dirty Jobs marathon on Thursday, December 27 from 9AM to 3AM ET/PT.  In addition, Rowe will host another Dirty Jobs' marathon on Tuesday, January 1 from 9AM to 3AM ET/PT.

Following its January 8 debut, Dirty Jobs will serve as a lead in for Some Assembly Required, a new reality series hosted by Brian Unger and Louis Bloomfield that will show viewers the process of making and manufacturing items used in everyday life. 

Discovery Channel will offer a "sneak peak" episode broadcast of Some Assembly Required on Thursday, December 27 at 10PM ET/PT during Dirty Jobs' marathon.

(Photo credit Discovery Channel/Paul Souders)