Deadliest Catch star Phil Harris is reportedly showing signs of improvement after suffering a stroke while captaining his Cornelia Marie crab fishing vessel last Friday.

Harris has woken up from the medically induced coma he was placed in after undergoing a 12-hour surgery over the weekend, his sons Josh and Jake told TMZ on Tuesday.

Among the "good signs of improvement" Jake and Josh told TMZ their father exhibited were squeezing their hands and barking orders at doctors and nurses, such as "Don't f--k up!".

In addition, the sons said they are "encouraged but still very cautious."

Harris suffered the stroke while the Cornelia Marie was docked on St. Paul Island in Alaska and subsequently underwent surgery on Saturday night -- after which he was placed in the coma to reduce brain swelling.

Since the Cornelia Marie is currently in the middle of the 2010 opilio crab fishing season -- which will be seen on Deadliest Catch's sixth season later this year -- the boat has resumed fishing without Harris and is being helmed by relief captain Derek Ray, a family friend.